Thursday, 6 December 2007

One Year On

6th December 2007
19 Days to go till Christmas

tlm fact: I am related to Gordon Brown and have had tea and biscuits in 10 Downing Street.

One year ago today I was sat in a GP surgery working on a project, by working I of course mean surfing the Internet. I came across The Angry Medic and from there, I found a plethora of blogs from medical students, doctors and other health professionals. Despite my addiction to the Internet, I'd never previously discovered this phenomenon. I spent hours reading about the experience's of others and that day I decided that perhaps I should have a blog of my own.

(I tried to use this as an excuse to get missbliss to bake me another cake, unfortunately she was having none of it - although she did make a very tasty trifle)

From there I came up with I'm a Medical Student, Get Me Out of Here and wrote my first post. I really didn't expect anyone to read my moans and groans and was very pleasantly surprised to find that I soon built up a small following. I'm not the most articulate of people, especially when it comes to explaining my ideas in writing, I often forget things and I'm sure my vocabulary, spelling and grammar often leave a lot to be desired. Never-the-less, here I am one year on, I'd started blogs before but only written 1 or 2 posts before getting bored and giving up but I was determined to stick with it and I've succeeded so far.

I've enjoyed blogging, its a very helpful release, I enjoy getting some of my moans off my chest here (although I still moan a lot in person too). There have been some great times in the last year, and some really shit times but overall I think blogging has been a positive experience for me. It isn't exactly a portfolio but blogging has also had its uses, it is a way of reflecting on some of the experiences I've had in the past year. This came in useful when I had to write my foundation application form. The writing experience has also done me the world of good as I've improved my writing style and learnt things too.

I'd like to say a huge thank-you to all those who've read my blog and those who've left comments. There would be much less enthusiasm for blogging if I knew that nobody was reading.

I hope I'll be able to continue blogging over the next year. There will be PLENTY of challenges and lots of things to moan about over the next year so stay tuned. There will also probably be a sparkly new blog to come if I pass finals and finally become a doctor.

Oh, and you should all read this post by missbliss, the pictures are hilarious!


ditzydoctor said...

OOH 10 downing street? you lucky thing! is it lovely inside and did you see any handsome guards? ;) righttt. you probably didn't bother with that! ;)

and ooh you're so lucky that missbliss bakes! she's lovely!

by the way - absolutely hilarious post on missbliss' site! you mean you salsa too?? i didn't know you had it in you!

Anonymous said...

You're related to Gordo? Like an uncle or summat??

the little medic said...

ditzydoctor - its quite nice inside, very traditional and very grand.

I can't say I noticed any pretty guards

harry - not quite that closely related but still by blood!

Elaine said...

Hi Little Medic

You are one of my favourite medical student blogs. :ool after Miss Bliss - she is as real finr.

Ms-Ellisa said...


'Fess up...!!!!

One year huh?! Happy Birthday!!! Yours was the first blog I came across one shady morning that I was escaping my Cardiology lecture. That's why -the Cardio thing- my first post is way too irritating and that's why my header reads "better than being in class"...!

Actually I had only just found out about blogging in general, I mean a blog as a personal journal, and all that from some Hillary Duff movie (Gees, I know!!!)...

That's why I've kept you on top of my link list.

Good job LM- keep up blogging!!!....*please*


the little medic said...

elaine -thank you very much! All the more reason to keep blogging

ms-ellisa - to be honest it wasn't tea it was coke. But I ate my fair share of biscuits. It was also a long while before he became PM.

Thanks for the nice comments about my blog and i'm glad I inspired you, you should keep blogging too!

dr_dyb said...

Can't you mention the NHS and the mess he's making of it next time you see him?

Ms-Ellisa said...

wait a minute- where you there to clean up??!! :-D

Is it like in Love Actually?

the little medic said...

dr dyb - to be fair, it was in a state well before he took over, he's just not doing a graet job of sorting it out.

ms-ellisa - HEHE, no I wasn't :p

Misha said...

you make the end of year sound like the cliffhangers of 'heroes' and 'lost' combined! at very least i'll be reading avidly for any handy tips for my impending doom, i mean, final year. did you feel as drained and empty during your xmas ssc? i mean, talk about kicking a girl when she's down.


the little medic said...

misha - I did my SSC in community on a nice easy topic so it wasn't that bad for me. I can imagine most making me feel drained though