Wednesday, 5 December 2007

The second first day

5th December 2007
20 Days to go till Christmas

tlm fact: It is my lifetime ambition to own a brand spanking new red Ferrari bought from the showroom, in cash. Hopefully before I'm 45. I daresay missbliss might have something to say about this.

A confusing title indeed, today is the day that all the F1s (junior doctors) in my hospital (and probably most other hospitals) rotated to their new 4 month posts. I suppose it must be better now they've got 4 months experience but it must still be quite stressful, especially going from surgery to medicine for example. I missed that day in August when you should never under any circumstances go near a hospital because the wards are full of junior doctors on their first day but personally i'd give hospital a miss today too if you possibly could as it was somewhat chaotic and it rather scared the shit out of me thinking that i'll be in this position in 8 months!

What scares me the most is the ridiculously little amount of support the F1s on my ward received from their seniors today. My new F1, who is a pleasant chap who has just come from 4 months A+E, I helped him out quite a lot today by doing jobs, hopefully I'll be able to help him settle in a bit as I've been on the ward for a couple of weeks and know how things work. The SHO, who was supposed to be there at 9 ended up walking in at about 9 45 and neither the consultant or registrar were anywhere to be seen. Now I know its unrealistic to think the whole team would be there to greet you on your first day, but it'd be nice if someone was there to explain what the fuck you're supposed to do.

The other F1 who started on my ward today had even less success, nobody from his team turned up so he just took off and did the ward round on his own without having the foggiest idea what the hell was going on.

This situation can't be good for patient care, I know for a fact that things were missed today because of it and patients treatment has been put back by at least a few days until everyone is back up to speed.

Note to self - must make sure when I'm an F1 that I've got a reasonable idea of what I'm supposed to be doing whenever I change jobs. I'm hoping that I'll at least have some support wherever I end up, but I suppose I shouldn't expect there to be much in the way of help.


Mousie said...


"First days" are always chaos at our place. There have been some dodgy decisions, one or two mishaps and a couple of near-misses but we have come through it unscathed (so far) and our new docs all seem like a great bunch.

PhD scientist said...

Re; the ambition to own a spanking new red Ferrari, in the "Book of Enduring Medical Stereotypes" this (plus being male, plus the gadget geekery) pegs you squarely as a future surgeon (or just possibly anaesthetist).

But I'm pretty sure you knew that already.