Saturday, 8 December 2007

What a difference 5 minutes makes!

8th December 2007
17 Days to go till Christmas

tlm fact: I once won a spaghetti eating contest in the middle of ASDA, I was fairly young at the time and felt rather ill afterwards. Disappointingly the prize was prize was rubbish; a bag of sweets if I remember correctly.

I had a bit of writer's block for this evening's blog post (it is hard work having enough to blog about each day so apologies if you're getting bored of me scraping the barrel occasionally).

missbliss and I decided that tonight should be take-away night but unfortunately we had no cash (I don't think the take-away man would appreciate being paid in 2p coins), this meant that I had to go out to the cash machine which is a short drive away.

My 5 minute journey infuriated me, the roads full of useless fuckwits today. On the way to the cash machine I had to turn right at a traffic-lighted crossroads, these always piss me off because you have to wait till the lights go yellow so you can go across the lane of traffic. It REALLY fucks me off when people go through yellow/red lights so you can't cross the line of traffic before the other road starts moving. I've not explained this very well but i'm sure people who drive will know what i'm talking about. Anyway, tonight someone came through the lights leaving me stuck in the middle of the junction. For a change there was some justice, I laughed my head off when the traffic light camera flashed at him (at least I hope it flashed him and not me stuck in the middle of the junction - after all it was him that went through the red light) I hope he gets a big fat fine. I therefore propose that all junctions have traffic light cameras installed to catch these cheeky bastards!

Then on the way home I encountered two fools who insisted on blocking where I wanted to go. One car just stopped right in the middle of the road I wanted to turn down, she was obviously lost but seriously, can't you stop just 10 metres further on so people can actually get past you. Only 30 seconds later did someone else do exactly the same thing. Why? Get the fuck out of my way you useless fools!

Anyway, thats enough of that, time for curry, beer and x-factor.


Elaine said...

Enjoy, I think you have earned them.

ps. the traffic lights nearest my home have cameras on them - it does mean that locals are reasonably well behaved.

jessica said...

I dunno. You english drive on the wrong side of the road!! :P I don't think I've experienced that so far.

jessica said...

actually wait I have. Except opposite direction and whatnot.

Anonymous said...

All I can say the fuck did Leon make the final??

Anna said...

Ah, the X-Factor. The highlight of my week.

But seriously Harry, aren't you more worried that Same Difference will actually win?!?