Friday, 7 December 2007

Things i've been pondering this week...

7th December 2007
18 Days to go till Christmas

tlm fact: Despite my blogging name; The Little Medic, i'm not actually that little. I'm actually almost exactly 6ft tall.

1) Do swans have arguments? Swans pair for life, and there are a couple on the pond at my hospital. I've spent many an hour this week wondering if they argue with each other in their swanny ways. (This is mainly because they've spent most of the week at opposite ends of the pond which is unusual.)

2) I've become obsessed with the time it takes for my journey to hospital. It is just over 40 miles and I usually set off at 7:00am or so (8:11am by my car's clock which i've yet to put back an hour for daylight saving time and which is always fast anyway - i'm never late for anything!) Its virtually all motorway and i've been obsessed with doing the journey in 45 minutes. I managed it this week but now I'm determined to squeeze a few extra seconds to the extent that I'm even obsessed with the traffic lights and trying to get a clean run through them. I know..... i'm strange

3) I went to the doctors this week with missbliss and unknowingly had my stethoscope in my pocket. About half way through the consultation she noticed it and asked if we were both medics. I found the whole consultation quite hilarious, felt slightly patronising but only because the GP was trying to explain things in the very simplest of terms.

4) Thank god its Friday.

Just 1 more week of gastro before Christmas and on Friday I have to make a presentation on diarrhoea, joy. I'm still really enjoying the placement although the house officer isn't quite as good. I am absolutely dreading after Christmas, 8 weeks of community, I've been hearing exceptionally bad things about my GP too which isn't reassuring. I'm not a fan of GPs at the best of times but for 8 solid weeks? I did try and change my placement to one closer to home as when I gave my preferences I picked place X because I thought we'd be living there. Of course this changed when I decided i'd rather walk barefoot over a bed of nails whilst being showered with lava than live in place X. As usual the medical school were exceedingly understanding and helpful in that they said no. It was my own stupid mistake in the first place but I should have known my medical school well enough not to even bother trying.


Xavier Emmanuelle said...

1) It's going to drive me crazy not knowing now, so I'll ask one of my vet med people -- maybe they'll know. They amazed me by being able to diagnose animals with specific psychiatric disorders, so I'm sure they'll know about swan behaviour.

3) Ahaha, I feel your pain man. I can't stand being spoken down to, and it happens every time I set foot into a doctor's office unfortunately. (Must. Not. Start. Ranting.)

4) I would say TGIF with you, but my school has implemented weekend exams, so I'll be at school writing finals this weekend. Blegh!

Only a bit more school till Christmas, keep your chin up!

the little medic said...

xavier - Weekend exams? That is SO mean!

jessica said...

ferme la bouche!! You're 6 ft tall?!?! ohmigosh. Do you have any tall friends? ;P (i am definitely kidding. Although I'm pretty sure it's most girls dream to have a tall english bf *sigh*)

Pro et Contra Medic said...

xavier – Diagnostic of animals:
Shea SE, 2000 Dec 12;163(12):1557-9. Pathology in the Hundred Acre Wood: a neurodevelopmental perspective on A.A. Milne. Canadian Medical Association journal

Maybe this is something for your weekend reading :)

missbliss said...

pro et contra medicine - made me burst out loud laughing!

Ms-Ellisa said...

How much is 6 ft in cm?
*sorry- different metric system here* :-D

Pro et Contra Medic said...

missbliss – Thanks,
but I was only a modest messenger

“Could the benefits people be more incompetent?” also made me burst out loud laughing!

But as they say: bureaucrats don’t behave as they do, to be deliberate malicious, but because they like it....