Saturday, 1 December 2007

"The Holidays are Coming"

1st December 2007
24 Days to go till Christmas

TLM Fact: On Christmas eve 1997 I was running down
the stairs and I tripped and fell, I spent the evening limping
around in pain. My mum and I spent Christmas morning in A+E
and later that morning, I came home in plaster having broken my foot.
What a way to round off the worst year of my life during which my parents broke up,
I had to move house, and my nan died.
(I promise not all the TLM facts will be as miserable as this one)

Its true, its the 1st of December and Christmas officially starts now. (I'm not even going to say how long our Christmas tree has been up!) I've already seen the Coca Cola Christmas ad on TV once or twice which made me ridiculously excited so I thought I'd share it with you all. Whether you've never seen it at all, or just not seen it yet this year, watch it. I promise it will stir up the Christmas feeling inside you. (If it doesn't you must be some kind of anti-Christmas monster)

December also marks my 1 year blogiversary and to celebrate this momentous feat, (I never expected to still be blogging regularly a year later, nor that I would ever get any readers) I'm going to try my hardest to write at least a short post every day during December. Will I manage it? Probably not, but we'll see. Also, in the spirit of Christmas, I will also be running my very own advent calender with a new Christmas picture each day, and rather than a chocolaty treat to go with it, there will be a TLM fact of the day (which will probably be exceedingly boring but we'll see how it goes)


Jiun Wu said...

Hi little medic! :)
Nice to know that you are blogging consistently. I found your blog few weeks ago and had fun reading it. Nice blog anyway and keep up your good effort! Yes, December is finally here. My favourite month of all time.

Have a nice day ahead of you!

Elaine said...

Hi Little Medic, today is the First Sunday in Advent.

I am sorry about yout sad post. I can see it still bothers you. Do you still have contact with both your parents?

Ms-Ellisa said...

Oi Little M... I'm so sorry about that year of yours. I hope you feel well now... Smiling like the snow man over there... :-)

Cool fact thing though!!! I'll be reading...

the little medic said...

elaine - It doesn't bother me that much anymore and yes, I'm still in contact with both my parents :)

Misha said...

I love Christmas but doesn't it make you want to scream in someone's face when they inevitably say "it's too commercial these days"?