Sunday, 9 December 2007

Blogging Issues

9th December 2007
16 Days to go till Christmas

tlm fact: I have ridiculously bad eyesight. I'm shortsighted to the extent that without glasses I'm pretty much legally blind. I once tried contact lenses and it took me 2 and a half hours to get the damn things out of my eyes, I've avoided them like the plague since. Instead I wear glasses which cost ridiculous amounts whenever I get new ones as I have to get the 'thin' lenses so I don't look like I'm wearing milk bottles. Eyes are the only thing that I'm queasy about so opthalmology is definitely a specialty to avoid.

I'm finding blogging quite difficult at the moment. It isn't because I've not got much to say, on the contrary, I've got lots to say, I just don't know how comfortable I feel about saying it. I'm not sure why, it might be because people I know read, but I've always known that so why should things change. It always makes me think twice about some of the things I say and some of the topics I blog about. I don't feel I can be as open as I want to be which makes blogging slightly less worthwhile.

I could use the real little medic to get some of these things off my chest in a more secure environment but I'd like the things I've got to say to be open to a wider audience than those at the real little medic so that doesn't really work for me.

I've also found it quite difficult to write about things recently. I tend to just confuse myself when I'm writing and end up not really explaining things how I want to explain them.

I'll keep on going and hopefully work my way through this strange period. I'd like to think that I won't really care and will be able to write free of constraint as I have done in the past, only time will tell if that is the case or not.


Elaine said...

Oh dear, I understand your dilemma; I recently found myself driven into a corner to disclose my blog address to two people who live near by. It left me feeling surprisingly vulnerable, but I have got over it and just keep on blogging! Would hate to lose you.

Calavers said...

I completely understand what you mean. There was so much stuff going on in November for me, and my first instinct was to let the blogosphere know some more details, but then I thought... Hold on. It might not be appropriate.

A pity, cos most of the people on the blogosphere are amazing and really supportive.

And I try and watch what I write too, although I never used to, cos now I've got too many people out there who read!

Also, there's a sort of conundrum here. The longer you blog for, the more likely you are to piss somebody off, yet the more and more your regular readers begin to like you.

Ok I think I'm rambling on a bit here.

I just wanted to say thank you for the comment at my blog, and I also wanted to say that I really, really think that you SUCK BIG TIME, because you manage to make EVERYTHING I do seem so pathetic by doing something ten times better!

Example 1: I carve pumpkin. Am dead chuffed with result. I post photo.

You carve pumpkin. You are dead chuffed with result. You post photo.

Your pumpkins put mine to shame.

Example 2: In the spirit of Christmas, I decide to change layout. Am not technologically savvy. Muddle by, and produce something okay-ish.

In the spirit of Christmas, you decide to change layout. You are technologically savvy. You whoosh by, produce fantastical things.


(not really, I just like being melodramatic!)


Anonymous said...

I get pretty bad writers block from time to time, and others I just can't be bothered to put in the effort.

On the subject of blogging on sensitive issues, I feel the same, especially when people you know can read your blog. Anonymity is the key, but is pretty much impossible on the blogosphere.

There are subjects I try to avoid completely - such as my girlfriend (though today I broke that rule as I wanted to hear what others thought on it - thanks for helpful comment BTW :) )

jessica said...

excusez moi??
"I'd like the things I've got to say to be open to a wider audience than those at the real little medic so that doesn't really work for me."

Am I just not good enough then?? Is that it?!? (I am totally kidding here)

I wouldn't know about writer's block or anonymity because as y'all may have noticed, I don't have a blog. Which is good because with my luck my stalkers would find me and know every detail of my life (I have a tendency to spill details about everything to everyone...and I ramble....)

Hope you manage to work things out!!