Wednesday, 19 December 2007

"Think About Those We Have Lost"

19th December 2007
6 Days to go till Christmas

tlm fact: I'm not allergic to but I absolutely hate nuts. I do love marzipan though which missbliss thinks is very odd.

Missbliss and I went to a primary school carol service yesterday evening at a local church. It was very short and sweet which is probably for the best. Now i'm not in the least bit religious but something the vicar said really hit me. At the end of the service he was leading a prayer and listed a huge number of people we should pray for including those that we've lost.

The point is it made me think about my nan who died of lung cancer 10 years ago. I've never known either of my granddads as both died before I was born and only one of my grandparents survives today. I shed a couple of tears there in the church thinking about her, although nobody noticed. When I was young I spent quite a lot of time with both my grandmas, mainly during the school holidays when my parents were out at work. It was great fun we used to go on adventures, build trains out of the the furniture, and all sorts of other wonderful activities.

She was in hospital for quite a while before she died and I remember it vividly. I can even remember exactly which beds she was in. I remember going to see her the day before she died and I can remember the morning she died like it was yesterday.

I don't think about her very often but I know I'll never forget her. It makes me sad that she won't ever know about my future but I know that she'd have been very proud of me becoming a doctor. I hope so anyway.

I guess it is important to remember those who we've lost.


ditzydoctor said...

same feelings, tlm. your nan's scenario could've been ripped right out of my life. may those we've lost carry us through our medical lives

Elaine said...

Oh, tlm, you have set me off; being elderly myself, it is not my nan but my mother whom I miss always.

Thank you.

I wonder if that minister will ever know just how wide an audience he has reached.

ditzydoctor said...

apologies to bug you tlm! but might you please email me your address? :) thank you!