Saturday, 29 December 2007

New Years Resolutions

I'm not usually one to make resolutions, mainly because the probability of me keeping them is equal to that of winning the lottery without buying a ticket.

This year though, for various reasons I'm determined. I'm going to make some resolutions and am determined to keep them (well, at least some of them)

1) No sweets, chocolate, crisps or biscuits (for at least a month). Now before you all fall off your chair screaming "for the love of god....WHY?!?!" Perhaps I should explain. I'm addicted to sweets and chocolate and by addicted I mean in a Heroin sort of way. Before Christmas I was eating 5 or so KitKats before lunchtime. I've tried to cut down in the past but once I've had one I've got to have more, and then more after that, and another for the drive home and maybe another couple from the petrol station, you get the idea. I've done this in the past for lent, but in the last couple of years even that has failed miserably. I'm doing this for a number of reasons a) I don't want to get diabetes, b) I'll save a fairly substantial amount of money, c) because addictions are bad, d) because I need to prove that I can do it, e) my metabolism seems to be slowing down and my trousers are becoming uncomfortably tight (they're still only 32s though), and f) because it links to another couple of my resolutions.

2) Exercise. I can't remember the last time I did any substantial exercise, and by substantial in fact I mean any at all. My resting heart rate is ridiculously high for someone my age, one of my aims for 2008 is to reduce this to less than 75. I am determined to develop at least some element of fitness. How I'm going to go about this I've not yet decided but watch this space.

3) Work. Perhaps the most important resolution for this year considering finals are rapidly approaching. I've never been a particularly motivated person work wise but I'm going to have to work hard to make sure I get through the week of hell successfully. I intend to plan out some sort of revision timetable and stick to it. Bribery is my best motivation and I've already convinced myself of the following equation.

work = passing exams = Dr Little Medic AND games console (yeah baby) , etc etc.

I'm determined not to waste quite as much time as I do at the moment and I will try my hardest to do some relevant work/revision most days. Missbliss has already been very good about helping and motivating me, now if only I could persuade her to bake me more cakes when i've met my targets (cake of course being exempt from resolution number 1, come on, you gotta give me something)fr

4) Keep my car clean and tidy. "pfft, that's an easy one" I hear you cry. Well you'd think so but usually my car is a tip. Missbliss bought me new mats for Christmas and also offered to clean the inside (which was well overdue....., by a couple of years or so) Missbliss is ideal for this sort of thing, in the same way that in Schindler's List, Schindler saves the children for their small fingers to clean the inside of shells, missbliss is small enough to poke around with a Dyson in a fiesta. Before she began I removed several thousand tonnes of old sweet wrappers. (another reason to give up sweets).

5) Enjoy PBL - those of you that read my predictions for 2008, in particular number 1 will realise why this is here. There is absolutely no way on earth I could keep this one, not even for all the cakes in a French Patisserie. I suspeect this will be broken by 3pm on the 3rd Jan. Hey, nobody is perfect, 4 out of 5 wouldn't be bad.

In effect, these resolutions equate to a normal healthy lifestyle. Hopefully they will. I'm confident they will, no, really they will. Honestly. I think. Maybe. Oh shitters.


Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Hey TLM!!
1. Jess and I did the no-sweets-or-anything-remotely-like-junk-food thing last year. Although it is *really* hard, it is doable. I think we lasted about a month and a half anyway! It's much easier if you make a pact with someone and do it together :)

2. You'll get addicted to the endorphins and after awhile you'll HAVE to go to the gym everyday, otherwise you just won't feel right. It helps a lot with the healthy food plan too, cause I find once I've had a good workout the desire to eat junk goes out the window.

5. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahha!!! Umm, cough, right, well good luck on the PBL thing.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha oh you must only have a few more PBLs left now - am quite jealous of that.

I should exercise more often, but am far too lazy to go running in London (which would mean getting up early to avoid the crowds of people) and far too cheap to join a gym.

My oyster travelcard will be the death of me...

5 KitKats before lunch??! Didn't it spoil your appetite?

the little medic said...

Xavier - If I accomplish one of them, the others should be easy. Like you said, Exercise = less need for chocloate = less mess in car.

Lets hope so anyway.

Harry - I think i've got about 16 PBLs left, i'd not thought about that before. Maybe I should count them down.

I don't mind getting up early but I think exercise will have to wait till I get home so missbliss can join in.

As for the kitkats, I don't tend to eat much lunch much anyway.

Mousie said...

I'm not surprised!

Ms-Ellisa said...

You drive a fiesta? I do :-D

Anna said...

Happy New Year TLM!

I'm impressed by your sound and sensible new year's resolutions. I'm also in the exercise more camp, but have the secret weapon of a very determined housemate to help me keep mine!

I look forward to resolution updates...

DundeeMedStudent said...

thanks for the comment over at mine, I know, I just don't know how to study, thus why I got up at 8am on a Sunday to sort out all of first term- eek.

PhD scientist said...

You definitely need a count-down- those-few-PBLs-to-go version of what the US soldiers in Vietnam used to call a "short-timer's calendar", LM.

Will give you something to work on in the next one, anyway.