Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Welcome To My Little World.

Welcome to my blog, will anyone read it? probably not but I've been meaning to start a blog for ages and having spent the morning procrastinating reading other medic blogs from around the world I've finally been inspired to do my own.

Unfortunately the world has already missed out of 3 and a half years of my medical student life, though that's probably for the best as I think I would probably have been kicked out of medical school by now had I been free to air my views. Psychiatry being the reason for my most recent outbursts, I'm not even going to go there for the time being, but watch this space.

One of the reasons that I've not had a blog in the past is the fear of being exposed. Although this is still a worry, I don't envisage anyone being too upset about what I've got to say, in fact, its likely that nobody will even bother reading it so that solves that problem. How long will my blog go on for? Who knows, I've begun blogs in the past and have soon got bored but fingers crossed I'll make the effort this time and keep it up indefinitely.

I always have a lot to moan about from medical school life to why slow people at checkouts should be tortured. This blog is intended as a way for me to moan even more, about everything. Hopefully there will also be at least some positive posts too as I blog my way through to the end of medical school and beyond.

Finally, I must ask that you excuse my terrible use of English, despite having lived here since I was born, I've yet to grasp much knowledge of spelling and grammar. I do however have a Cambridge, English graduate as my girlfriend so hopefully it won't be too awful. (She has already corrected multiple errors in this first post.)

I hope you enjoy the show...