Thursday, 27 December 2007

Predictions for 2008

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas. 2007 is almost over, and as ever, it has gone remarkably quickly. 2007 was a pretty exciting year for me and missbliss, lets hope 2008 is better than ever. I'm now going to make a few predictions for the months ahead. Maybe in a years time, if I'm still blogging I'll look back and see how I did.

1) I will keep all but one of my new years resolutions. (Coming to a blogpost near you later this week)

2) Facebook will see a significant downturn in use as people get bored of it. I think this has started to happen already, it certainly has for me. Facebook won't just vanish off the face of the web but its growth and use will slow. It may well be bought by Google or Microsoft towards the end of 2008

3) The Americans will bottle the opportunity to elect a female or black President, instead opting for the 'safe' option of a white male.

4) 16GB USB memory sticks will be available under £20 by Christmas (currently you can get 4GB memory sticks for under £20). There will be at least one government scandal involving the loss of said USB memory sticks with personal data on.

5) Despite widespread predictions of a house price crash, on average, house prices will continue to rise throughout most of the UK. The rate will be below previous years at around 3-4%. UK Interest rates will dip slightly before rising again.

6) Either Britney Spears (probably whilst pregnant) or Amy Winehouse will suffer a fatal overdose.

7) Portugal will win Euro 2008, The UK will fail dismally in the 08 Olympics, Lewis Hamilton will win 08 F1 championship. Man Utd will win the premiership but Chelsea will beat them in the final of the Champions League.

8) Petrol will hit 110p a litre.

9) I will purchase either an XBox 360, Playstation 3 or Nintendo Wii. Perhaps in celebration of number 10, celebratory kittens may also be in order.

10) I might, just might,actually become a doctor!

So there you have it guys, that's what I think will happen in 2008 (some of them are perhaps a bit bold). Lets hear your predictions for 2008, either here in comments or in your own prediction posts.


The Shrink said...

But . . . but . . . Facebook consumes so many hours . . .

. . . but then, p'raps my friends and I simply have too much free time and too little willpower :-)

sillyvicky said...

I agree with britney and facebook thought id add my own as well.

1) Ill eventually get the grades and start med school in september

2) The iphone will be plagued with problems and end up on pay as you go

3) Paris, Britney or amy whitehouse will end up in jail again

Anonymous said...

Def about the facebook. Not so sure about Hamilton. Yes to the Americans and the USB.

Petrol at 110p a litre? Actually there's one place not too far from my house that has been 110p a litre for years, as it is in the middle of nowhere. There's a sign that reads 'support your local station' or something along those lines.

Julie said...

Thanks for your good wishes for 2008. Can't agree with your prediction about Man U (or is it that I don't want to believe that it could happen, being the Gooner that I am!!

Best wishes to you and Miss Bliss for 2008!!