Wednesday, 2 January 2008

The Start of a New Year

Today was my first day back after the Christmas break, which I should add, seemed to go ridiculously fast. You might have remembered that I'm now doing an 8 week GP placement and I've not exactly been looking forward to it. In fact I've been dreading it, I don't know why because sometimes when I get into it I quite enjoy my GP placements. Nevertheless, I wasn't feeling very enthused when I awoke this morning.

I arrived at the GPs early and was met by friendly reception staff. The surgery is split over 2 sites, one of which was briefly my own practice. I met my supervisor who seemed really nice, I have a feeling she is going to work me hard and expect quite a lot but that is no bad thing I suppose. I spent the morning with her, although it didn't exactly go to plan to start with. 3 of the first 4 patients refused to have me in. Fair enough I suppose. The rest of the morning was surprisingly quiet, there was only a trickle of patients and about the most interesting thing was an ear with raging otitis media.

All in all it wasn't the most interesting of mornings but I'm pleasantly surprised and slightly more optimistic about the next 8 weeks. I'm also fairly pleased with my timetable, it potentially looks like Tuesdays might be all-day study days which would be fabulous, 4 day weeks are just what I need. Perhaps I will enjoy it (at least a bit) after all. It will get a lot more interesting next week when I get to have my own surgery with half hour appointments of my own! I hope the patients know what is about to hit them.

The rest of the day was taken up by my favourite thing in the whole entire world, yes that's right - PBL. The groups have changed, although 4 people out of 8 didn't make it today, apparently they are still on holiday - how bloody nice for them!!! The process itself was just as boring as ever. I even spent half an hour trying to write a poem about PBL but I was so dispirited that my creative juices were flowing like treacle up a hill.

Back to the real world, here we go with 2008 - Happy New Year!

New Years Resolution Update: Today I went to the post office and they have these amazing wine gum things that I usually eat by the crate full. I had such an urge to have 'just one packet' but I didn't I managed to resist. I almost cracked by the chocolate machine too but will-power prevailed and so far so good, i've not had any sweets, chocolate, crisps or biscuits. COME ON!


sillyvicky said...

how you can u survive having no chocolate as a resolution. Hope you keep it up

PBL cant be that bad is it

Elaine said...

Umm - did you really mean an ear with a raging otitis media.......

or a patient with a raging otitis media?


The Shrink said...

Glad it's looking like a peachy start to 2008, it's heartening when your first placement's not dreadfully grim and sets a dismal tone for the year!