Tuesday, 15 January 2008

OSCE Fun (not really sure those words go together)

Tomorrow brings with it the 3rd Year OSCEs, now they’re not real OSCEs, in the sense that they’re summative rather than formative (maybe that is the wrong way round?!). That basically means they don’t mean a thing with regards to progressing through medical school. Its more of a practice for the summer 3rd year OSCE which is important.

You won't be surprised to hear that I'm again modelling tomorrow which means I get to lie on a bed all day and be prodded and poked by the 3rd years. I wonder what my station will be this time. I've got a pretty good idea but again I'm not going to share any details just in case any 3rd years are reading.

I enjoy being a model for the OSCEs, I get £20, I get to revise something I might not have done for a while and I get free drinks and biscuits - shitters - no biscuits - stupid new years resolution! Probably for the best, last time I ate my way through 2 boxes (admittedly only stealing the best ones).

If you've not already done so, read the latest about PBL at the real little medic.
If you're new and need an invite just drop me an email to imamedicalstudentgetmeoutofhere[at]hotmail.co.uk


jessica said...

Do all 5th(? 4th?) years, like yourself get to be models? Or do you have to volunteer?

How does it feel being on the other side?

the little medic said...

jessica - you have to volunteer, and of course my name is always first on the list :D

Its good experience - and very interesting to see things from a different perspective.

Anna said...

'OSCE' and 'fun' should never be put together. You will learn, when it comes to finals...

Misha said...

we've been told that the finals ones are quite friendly, really, compared to what's gone on before. i'm sure TLM will take it in his stride nonetheless!


Anonymous said...

hope the third years weren't too forceful, or cold handed today!