Thursday, 24 January 2008

Bits and Bobs 2

My Portfolio meeting turned into a bit of a lame affair. I managed to waffle on for so long that the dean barely had any time to actually look through my portfolio so it didn't really matter what I had in it although he seemed quite pleased. In the past we've had some interesting debate about the course, PBL and such but yesterday was little more than a relaxed chat. I was left sort of unfulfilled because I usually enjoy moaning although I did manage to get in a few important things which the dean seemed rather concerned about.

New year's resolutions update: Well I'm not doing TOO badly really. Since the 1st of Jan, I've done some exercise and more work than usual. I've kept my car fairly clean but most impressively i've not had any chocolate, sweets, crisps or biscuits - I've almost given in a few times - so much so that I had a bag of wine gums in my hand but I forced myself to put them back. Improvements are still necessary though, more exercise and more work.

I'm still enjoying my GP placement especially having my own surgeries. Although its slightly annoying when people book appointments with me when all they want is a repeat prescription as I can't help them and it only takes 2 minutes.

Not a lot else to say really - will blog again later.


Elaine said...

Well done re the resolutions. Keep it up! So glad you are enjoying your GP placement, especially after your initial misgivings.

DundeeMedStudent said...

hey, I was going to post about how I'm getting on with the resolutions. Great minds eh?

PhD scientist said...

I suspect that if you display the intelligence and perspective to engage in a reasoned discussion about the course / PBL / medical education, and your experience of them, LM, many a Dean would consider that to have shown that you have the required "reflective ability". Just a thought.

the little medic said...

phd - very true, and he seemed very pleased indeed with my reflection.