Monday, 7 January 2008

Location Location Location

On Wednesday this week the UKFPO will announce the results of the matching process where final year medical students will find out roughly (within a hundred miles or so) where they will undertake foundation training. I, along with 7000 other final years have been waiting patiently for the results of this lottery, so we can all buy our tickets for part 2.

I went to a meeting today at the NW deanery, mainly to be nosey, but also so that I'm able to answer any questions my colleagues might have about the process. It was an interesting morning, the people in charge were understandably in a slightly awkward position of already knowing a great deal about the results. At least they know about the NW, which doesn't help me a lot. They were very professional in not giving much away, but I suspect its fairly good news nationally, and for those who applied to the NW deanery at least. It was a little uncomfortable going round the table announcing where we had put as our first choice, I was singled out as a traitor, or at least that is how I felt, despite reassurance from the man in charge.

Why we're all bothering I'm not quite sure. Tooke is apparently going to announce tomorrow that foundation training is all wrong, blah, blah, blah. At least that is what I'm told. This is going to be quite a week for the countries junior doctors. Foundation deanery announcements, publication of the Tooke report (although I thought this had already all been published and can't find anything about tomorrow's announcement) and the start of applications for specialty training. I suspect the media will have a luke warm reaction to the weeks events, but will manage to turn the situation round to have yet another go at doctors, or more precisely GPs. The Daily Mail headline this Thursday will be something like this: "Many Junior Doctors Facing Unemployment - GPs to Blame For Not Working Enough Hours" - a preposterously illogical headline, but not beyond the realm of possibility.

As I mentioned earlier, Wednesday is only part 1. Part 2 involves being allocated to a particular hospital trust, then a particular job track. The process for this allocation is going to be different throughout the country, and as yet, I've got no idea how my first choice deanery are going to be doing things. Maybe they'll be kind enough to inform us on Wednesday as the results are announced.

Lets hope that unlike last year, our data is secure. You may or may not remember that last year, the names, addresses, sexual preference, religion and application forms of 7000 final year medical students were accessible on the foundation programme website. This was well before the government lost CDs full of data here there and everywhere. I'm told that this breech of data was malicious and that criminal proceedings are underway. I suppose that is reassuring.

Some of you will have absolutely no idea what this post is about, and its very hard to explain clearly what is going on. Lets just say its quite important (for us at least) and all that remains to be said is good luck to my colleagues who are awaiting their fate, its like Christmas, all over again, but with less wrapping paper.


Emma said...

Fingers crossed for you

sillyvicky said...

Good luck hope you get to go where you want.

Misha said...

sounds like a reverse xmas where a mean fat man comes away and takes away what you've got you heart set on! i have a few friends in the year above, were there any reassuring words for north western applicants? good luck with your own application, i heard your application forms were out very late so i would expect the worst again huh?


dr_dyb said...

I thought the website data breach was from MTAS - thh ST training applications and not the FPO - FY applications.

Anyway, good luck.

Jayne said...

I'm also a 5th yr med student and I'm predicting a scrum round the ward computer come Wednesday.

What I would give to know within 100 miles or so where I'll be - my foundation school of choice is the whole of Scotland! But hopefully my plan for round 2 will work - I want to go where most other students I know don't - so fingers crossed.

Anyway, good luck for Wednesday from a long-time lurker!

Anna said...

Argh! Wednesday! The FS I want is teeny tiny, so if I get it, my life will be narrowed to 3 hospitals. Which would be lovely...

Where do you want to go?

Emma said...

Fingers crossed for you and all others, and hoping your details are safe and you get to where you want to be..xx

the little medic said...

emma - thanks

sillyvicky - thanks also

misha - Like I said, the big boss man didn't give anything away but i'm pretty sure the NW was undersubscribed so everyone who applied there will probably get in.

dr dyb - nah it was the foundation programme applications that were 'outed' so to speak.

jayne - good luck to you too, I forgot that Scotland was a whole deanery. I'm going to be in GPs all morning so i'll be itching to check my email. Thanks for commenting.

anna - good luck for weds. My first choice is pretty big and pretty popular. I'll tell you on wednesday

emma - thanks

Anonymous said...

Best of luck LM, really hope it works out for you.

The Junior Doctor said...

Good luck LM, you're spot on about the Tooke report and foundation schools, but I think the changes will come in too late to affect you.

I hope you get your no 1 choice. FWIW, back when I was applying for my PRHO job (showing my age!), my first choice was pretty big and popular too. The thing is, loads of people were put off from applying from it because they didn't think they'd get it. As a result, it turned out that the competition wasn't that high after all and I ended up getting exactly what I wanted.

Best of luck and I hope you get your no1 choice

The Shrink said...

Good luck with the lottery, it's grim that it's come to such a fickle system to decide something so important for so many.

Much badness.