Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Money makes the world go round.

Finally I get round to moaning about money.

My medical school has a hardship fund, I recently submitted an application for the award which is available biannually and have, unfortunately just been told that my application has been rejected. Why? Who knows, they didn't tell me, I've asked for the reason but I don't expect they'll tell me. Don't get me wrong, I'm only about as poor as the next student, and I do manage to live a pretty decent lifestyle for a student. Why did I apply for this hardship fund then? Well, since the Medical School shipped me off to a hospital 40 miles away, I spend about £50 a week on petrol. I hoped, that given the medical school's willingness to send me there against my will, they'd at least offer me some help with petrol costs but it seems I was wrong. I've come to the conclusion that the medical school couldn't give a flying fuck about me as a person. I'm just another student to them, I make up their numbers and they get money to 'teach' me medicine. In future when they ask me to do this, and do that for them I'll say "sorry, I've considered your request very carefully, however I regret to inform you that on this occasion I can't be arsed."

By the end of my fourth year at Medical School I will already owe over £19,000 in student loans, along with another few thousand student loan in my 5th year, My £2,000 overdraft and a £2,000 loan from my parents, I expect to graduate owing over £26,000 which will probably take me for ever to pay off, literally! Oh well, at least I'll have a job to go to and depend on, or will I? God only knows.

Solution; stop funding university courses for people who will be about as much use to society as a car made of marshmallow when they graduate with a 2.ii in marshmallow studies from marshmallow university and give us grants rather than loans, that way when we qualify we wont be in debt to society, we'll be able to get onto the property ladder etc etc, and we won't spend out life paying off debts from years and years ago.

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Miss Bliss said...

Sweetie, together we'll be up to £50,000 in debt combined when you graduate. Isn't that a lovely thought? At least we got value for money by doing the best courses at the best universities we could. I suppose. But then Mr. Marshmallow will probably never need to start paying his loans back.

But yes, I've been telling you to tell them where to go for ages. If they ask you to do a talk again let it be your platform... mwhahahaha