Tuesday, 2 January 2007

2007?!?! Happy New Year

Christmas and New Year have been and gone, I've not blogged because I've been busy doing fuck all! Finally, after 16 weeks of solid of medical school, a 3 week break, well not strictly a break, I still had an exam to revise for and an essay to write although that did get left until New Year's Day in my typical last minute fashion.

I've been back at Medical School a day and I'm bored. I might not have much to do this week but anyone who thinks medical school is exciting needs a CT scan. Yes there are exciting times such as your first day in A+E when you can't even remember what your name is let alone all the reasons for a cardiac arrest and how to treat each individual one - first thing that happens, you're pushed into resus and told to lead the team. WTF? You've only been there a day! There you are minding your own business and someone grabs you and leads you into the chaos. Anyway, not everything is exciting as that. Today I spent the morning sat at a computer in a GP surgery, fuck knows what I was supposed to be doing but the best part of the morning was taken up reading the BBC news website and checking my emails. Great, first day back and I've travelled 40 miles and done fuck all.

I'm currently writing up a project on smoking, a rather topical subject since the government haver just annouced the minimun age for buying cigarettes will be raised to 18. Not that it will make much difference, everyone under 18 will probably just start smoking weed instead. Bring on July 1st when finally I'll be able to go out and enjoy a drink or a meal without someone else's smoke wafting my way. Go right ahead and smoke yourself to death if you want but stay the fuck away from me!

Anyway, enough swearing for now. A new year a new start and all that...

New Year Resolutions:
- Actually do some work
- Don't moan as much
- Be nice
- Get rid of tummy flab


The Angry Medic said...

Aw but c'mon, if you don't moan what are we gonna read about?

I suggest amending that to "don't moan IN REAL LIFE" :)

Happy New Year!

the little medic said...

Yes, thats a very good point. I wont moan in real life as much :D