Thursday, 14 December 2006

Fantastico, Its Christmas, and what better present than an exam result.

I passed my first 4th year OSCE!!

Yay, in an unexpected turn of events it turns out I've actually passed the OSCE I did a couple of weeks ago. I managed over 70% which I'm ecstatic about, Unfortunately I was about 2 marks off Honours which is very annoying for a couple of reasons: a) I could quite easily have gained those marks had I bothered to say what I was thinking rather than being scared of being wrong and b) Unfortunately, as a result of the extremely annoying system my medical school uses to give us all our academic ranking, it makes no difference that I just missed the boundary, had I got that couple of extra marks, I would almost certainly had gone up a percentile which would make getting my first choice deanery much more likely. Never mind, its a year until that comes around so I shall not lose sleep over it and hopefully will have chance to gain more points in other exams. *curses examiners*

On another positive note its Christmas, term is over and its time to eat, drink and be merry! I've been counting down the days for the last month or so and at last its finally arrived. (although the Christmas tree has been up for weeks) Christmas is a time for relaxing although I do have an essay to write and yet another exam looms just beyond the Christmas holidays. (Which, rather annoyingly come to an abrupt end on the 2nd of January). That sucks.

It's been a long and hard term, and an interesting one too, although I'm extremely glad its over. Patients keep asking me how long I've got to go, "a year and a half" I reply eagerly. Its worrying how quickly time is disapearing. I'm not ready for real life yet, and i'm most certainly not ready to be a Doctor or to have any repsonsiblity. I hope thats something they teach us in fifth year, otherwise i'm fucked!

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