Sunday, 27 April 2008

piss off!

I don't seek out the most remote and quietest place in the library for you to come and sit on the table next to me and spend 10 minutes talking to your 'bro' on your mobile. Prick. Kindly piss the hell off!


Lily said...

Stick a biro in his ear. I'd like to see him try and talk on the phone after that.

Maybe both ears to be sure.

Future Doc said...

Some people are just so ignorant of what they do, it's hilarious.

Good Luck with finals by the way! Hope it goes smoothly!!!

PhD scientist said...

Yep, lots of people these days live in a personal bubble that ends about a foot from their nose.

Some of my grumpy middle-aged colleagues feel the young, and particularly students, are habitually guilty of this.. ..but I couldn't possibly comment.

Personally I recommend a superior pair of well fitting and external noise-cancelling headphones for your personal music device of choice, LM. Then I turn down the volume on whatever's playing. Result: blissful silence.

I invested in some after one particularly brain-numbing train trip back to t'North from London - train cancelled at last minute, turfed from nice quiet train onto super-crowded following one and forced to sit amidst a tribe of f*!kwit Manc hairdressers on way back from "conference", all well-beered-up. By the time we arrived after 4.5 hrs (1.5 hrs over time) I felt like I had been strapped to the Royle Family's sofa for two lifetimes. Vowed I would never again be caught in such a situation without the means of total sound isolation, or as near as possible to it.

Sage said...

Oh dear, mobiles can be the bane of our existence... and rules just get ignored.. hope the revision goes well as do the exams. Just remember that sometimes you need to stop awhile and catch up with yourself in some way (being it a walk, a bath, or just 5 mins) take time for you and leave the books for 10-15 mins; your mind will still continue to tick over and you will feel less stressed.

All the best Hon.. we are rooting for you; let us know afterwards how you get on.

Anonymous said...

Arg fucktards

I think you have a god-given right to destroy his mobile.

Hope s'all going smoothly anyways!

clare said...

i can sympathise- i have 3 assignments due in which determine if i pass the year and therefore can continue to my final year and become qualified (librarian not anything as remotely scary as medicine!) and the people upstairs are playing FOLK MUSIC at 11.45pm- aaarrrrghhhhhhhhh!

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Ugh, I can totally sympathize! People, it's a LIBRARY! Go somewhere else to talk!

Scott H said...

Our final years started putting up signs explaining anyone answering phones or discussing their relationship were likely to experience a PR exam.

Don't think it helped but was funny all the same.

Good luck!