Tuesday, 25 March 2008

What Next?

I'm not usually an ill person, sure I get the occasional bout of man flu once or twice a year but other than that I'm usually quite healthy. That was until this year, I've been ill almost constantly since before Christmas with one thing or another.

This weekend I was struck with a mysterious vomiting bug! It only lasted about 36 hours or so but I'm still feeling the effects now. Vomiting is not fun, especially when there is nothing left to bring up apart from tiny amounts of water that you've managed to drink to keep you hydrated.

I'm thoroughly fed up of being ill, it is quite literally, driving me insane!

What is wrong with me?


Anonymous said...

Shitters, sorry to hear you're still ill LM. Final year stress maybe? A lot of people got ill last year for Biomed finals, albeit in mid-May.

Either that or Lassa fever from your A&E placement?

Don't ask me! I'm just a first year, all I can do is wrongly identify long bones.

GrumpyRN said...

Hi, some advice for you - flat coca cola. Get a tin of full sugar coke, open it, make it flat and keep it in the fridge. You now have a nice cool drink which will rehydrate you a bit - remember your lectures about diffusion, plus it tastes reasonable. Cheaper than rehydrat.

Hospital Wallpaper said...

Medical Studentitis; from hanging out with too many sick people in hospital with lots of different bugs, hence never getting over one thing when the next thing strikes...I've been there myself, I was at my worst when I was doing paeds though, lots of little ill people make bigger people ill.

PhD scientist said...

Yes, exposure to lots of nice bugs and viruses, plus fatigue/stress, sounds like the thing.

Anecdotally, there are plenty of lifetime "nexuses" for such things:

- first yr at Univ (EBV etc etc all round)
- last yr at Univ
- first really stressful working year
- first child goes to nursery

We have been dealing with the last of these, which is a bugger for the same sorts of reasons as "working in paeds". cited above.

Solutions... hmmm. "Getting more rest", if possible. Not easy for a commuting blogging 5th year, I imagine.

Baby Blue Pyjamas said...

Are hospitals not fun?

steph said...

"What Next?"

My prescription:

Take 1 Kit Kat 3 times daily

with plenty of liquid refreshment :D

jessica said...

Love to hear that you have your own flu bug- "the man flu". It takes a lot to bring you down, huh?