Thursday, 6 March 2008

I'm Improving - just a little

You'll* be pleased and relieved to know that I'm improving.
*I know some of you won't, but still.

Its slow though, I'm taking my Pen V religiously and I think its probably that which is helping. Having caught sight of my tonsils I've decided I probably have tonsillitis with a bit of sinusitis thrown in for good measure. I'm thoroughly fed up of being ill but I want to get right, which I'm still significantly far from, before I venture back into hospital. As a result I think this week has been a complete washout, rain-stopped-play!

I did the washing up this morning, something which is usually a something and nothing job, there wasn't even a lot of it but it almost killed me. Half way through I was fighting exhaustion, pain and hotness and clinging on by the skin of my teeth. I purposefully sprayed the cold tap at my face on several occasions to prevent me collapsing. After the mountainous load of a few cups and plates I couldn't face the the pan and promptly went to bed, collapsed and fell asleep for about an hour, I was absolutely shattered, it was like I'd run 7 marathons in 7 days.

I've also started to eat a little bit, which ought to improve my energy as for about a week I've had a bit of scrambled egg and a bit of toast. I'm wasting away. I even refused fish and chips last night and that is NOT like me!

I'm looking forward to hopefully (crossing fingers, touching wood and praying) feeling better next week when hopefully I'll have something more interesting to blog about than my temperature and mucus.


Elaine said...

I'm so sorry that you are still poorly, and hope that the improvement is maintained - at an increased rate.

Michael said...

In better news I now see your widget says you've broken the 100 day barrier till you become a doctor. 99 days to go!

steph said...

Ah....I see you've joined my club!

Welcome to the world of sinus infection.

Nasty stuff - I don't like the sound of that temperature much. If an antibiotic is going to work for me, it usually kicks in shortly after the 36 hour mark. What about getting a simple nasal swab taken for c/s?

I reckon you've picked up a nasty viral infection from a patient and this has manifested itself as a bacterial infection in your sinuses. The antibiotic should improve the mucus but it sounds like you'll have to sweat the virus out of your system. Poor you!

And yes, the complications from sinusitis can be very serious...
I had a Riedel procedure carried out last year.



ditzydoctor said...

get well soon tlm!!!!!!

feel muchly better soon please!