Sunday, 30 March 2008

A Fitting End

Contrary to the title of this post, it isn't a story about rectal diazepam.

Tomorrow heralds the start of my final 4 week hospital placement: lower GI surgery. Rather fittingly, this is the same as my first ever clinical placement at the start of 3rd year (I wonder if the consultant will recognise me?). I wonder how much I've learnt and how far I've progressed in that time? Hopefully quite significantly! How much time I'm actually going to be able to devote to this placement I'm not entirely sure as I have an ever-growing list of other things to attend. I hope to spent most of the time with the F1 (fingers crossed that they'll be friendly and helpful, although its all change next week anyway as the F1s rotate).

The fact that this is my final placement means a couple of things: the first and most important thing is that finals are just 6 weeks away, secondly, in seven weeks it'll all be over one way or another, thirdly, that I have 4 PBL sessions left EVER and finally, that in 6 weeks I will hopefully never have to set foot in a certain city ever again!

To be perfectly honest, I wish finals were tomorrow. I just want to do them and get them out of the way. Sure 6 weeks is a long time and I've still got lots to learn, never mind revise but I'm awfully fed up of just waiting for these exams to come.

This weekend I attended the medicine version of the revision course I wrote about 2 weeks ago. It was a completely different style to the surgical one in that it concentrated on exam technique more than knowledge but it was useful nevertheless.


Noel said...

Are you sure the universe isn't telling you to ditch the bones and embrace the colon. If I recall correctly, you were very taken with GI surgery the last time. And didn't you do a 4th year medicine rotation in gastroenterology? All the signs are there, the colon is your calling.*

*Ok, that might not sound exactly how I wanted it to.

Calavera said...

Oh dear, GI surgery, I never really enjoyed it that much, to be honest... all those long panproctocolectomies and whatnot...

Good luck with it all - you're going to be a doctor soon!!