Saturday, 17 November 2007

My Second Favourite Thing in The Whole Entire World World

Second I hear you ponder? Well I didn't want to leave missbliss out and no, its not my new eee PC (although I do love it lots).

CAKE! - Fortunately for me, one of missbliss's finest attributes is making fantastically yummy cakes of all shapes and sizes. This goes hand in hand with one of my best attributes, the ability to gobble cake like no other living human!

This post is to celebrate the wonders of cake (particularly the chocolate cake I have waiting for breakfast), missbliss's ability to make said cake, and to rejoice in the chocolaty goodness of the world.

The amazing 'chocolate splurge' cake. (Or as I like to call it - breakfast)
The icing got a bit messy but hey - any mess involving chocolate can only be good right?

My birthday cake - made with 2 of my other favourite things - cream and raspberries.

CHRISTMAS CAKE! - one of the best things about Christmas (and missbliss doesn't even like it so all the more for me!)
This was last years wonder - decorated by none other than the little medic himself - with edible, gold painted holly made from icing

Its getting to the Christmas time of year which can only mean more cake - YIPEE!

UPDATE: After breakfast:


AMiB said...

you, good sir, are a very, very lucky man.

although i did just receive some lemon cheesecake squares from a friend who felt bad i had to revise all week..

jessica said...

You two are meant for each other aren't ya? :)

Yum is all I can say (I'm on a "healthy eating diet" therefore no cake for me :(

Please eat a piece for me :)

Elaine said...

I haven't had breakfast yet and you are making me seriously humgry! What a lucky man you are! Cherish her.

ditzydoctor said...

OMG. i think you are close to being the luckiest man in the world! if i were a guy, i would KILL to be in your shoes. sadly, i am left to bake for others instead :( oh woe!

and OHHHHH, does the chocolate cake look ever so good!

missbliss said...

Damn you and your superfast metabolism - munching cake non stop and still being skinny!

Elaine said...

On looking more closely at the first pic, I think I saw evidence of a certain someone (tlm perhaps) taking his finger round the chocolate on the plate and then. presumably. licking his finger.

s.j.simon said...

lol. did you know that chocolate was banned in switzerland for many years. read this

Ms-Ellisa said...

Cake for breakfast is my favorite too... :-)

Nice Christmas decoration!!!

the little medic said...

elaine - That most certainly is my finger. In fact, there was much finger, spoon and spatula licking :D