Sunday, 11 November 2007

Bringing the Islands to Life

Now we've settled into our new flat and got the Internet up and running we've been able to upload some of our Solomon Island videos to youtube. Hope you enjoy them:

Taking off after stopping to re-fuel

Driving through a local village on the island

An English lesson Solomon Island style

Solomon Island children playing down by the sea

Playing volleyball in the evening with a load of local children.
(yes ladies and gentlemen, that's me - do excuse the odd clothing arrangement)

Custom dancing the night before we left, AMAZING!

Evening in paradise
There you have it, a few videos which I hope bring to life some of our amazing experiences. It makes both of us really happy to look at the videos and pictures but at the same time, its quite sad because we both miss it tremendously!


Elaine said...

Bet you don't miss

a) the boat trip

b) the waterfall climb


Anonymous said...

wow LM it looks like a real tropical paradise. Can't say I don't blame you for missing it.

Kelly said...

Wow! Just wow... It looks truly awesome out there :-)

Ms-Ellisa said...

Which odd clothing arrangement?

It is amazing... "Paradise" is an understatement.

Ms-Ellisa said...
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Calavers said...

Arrgh! This is too memory-heavy and my stupid comp refuses to play it!

Will have to check it out when there isn't quite so much internet traffic!