Saturday, 21 April 2007

Hot for teacher...

As promised in reply to missbliss's advantages and disadvantages of going out with a medical student below are the advantages and disadvantages of going out with a teacher, in particular an English teacher. Personally I think teachers and doctors go quite well together, I think my gran would agree, she was a teacher and my grandad was a doctor.


  • They always beat you at scrabble
  • They have too many books
  • They shout at you like you’re a child and are actually quite scary *cowers*
  • They are always stressed with paperwork/marking/other school crap
  • They use their ‘classroom tactics’ on you to make you do things that you don’t really want to (or is this just a thing that all girls do?)
  • They get too many bloody holidays!
  • You get an idea just how shit schools are, and what a state some of the children are.
  • They have no patience left after a day at school so you always have to be on your best behaviour or face their wrath.
  • They have good classroom hearing and always hear when you mutter under your breath
  • They have the ability to phase out people talking to them, consequently you often get ignored.
  • When you’re out, every child is a potential disaster area and if said child falls over or does something naughty they are first on the scene.
  • You’re the teacher’s boyfriend so whenever you pick them up from school you get stared at.

  • They are great at checking blog posts/projects/other writing for punctuation and grammar
  • They are generally clever and can therefore just about keep-up with you when you babble about medical stuff
  • They are CRB checked so are probably not psychotic murderers
  • They can teach you really well about stuff you don’t know how to do. (Spelling in my case – no more spelling definitely with an a)
  • They’ve always got interesting stories about school and children
  • They can tell you about good books so you don’t have to go reading any old rubbish
  • They have resources and can tell you all about special needs in education. (Very useful when you have to do a presentation on said topic aimed at teachers)
  • You get to tag along with trips to the theatre (I wasn’t sure if this was an advantage or disadvantage but on the whole its been good so far)
  • They are great potential parents and so are useful to hang on to for the future
  • They get long holidays and so can look after you when you have long days.
  • They are organised and can keep track of all your important documents when you just have them in a big pile


missbliss said...
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missbliss said...

We both have to endure the horror that is the:



The Angry Medic said...


This post made me laugh. You have a knack for post titles you know? Didja see how many hits your "I love vaginas" BritMeds post got? Well done, old man, well done. Here's a hearty clap on the back for ya. *slaps you on the back, sticking on a note saying "I'm A Pervert" at the same time*

the little medic said...

Angry - HAHA dude, thanks a lot. People must have just clicked the post about vaginas thinking it was porn or something ;)

Ms-Ellisa said...

From personal experience I say you nailed it too... I guess there's sth that makes meds and profs fit well together...

Cal said...

haha, these are hilarious!! Did you come up with all of them yourself?!

And lol at the 'learning objective' too... load of nonsense!

the little medic said...

cal - Yeah I came up with them on my own (although in truth I did pinch a couple from missbliss)