Sunday, 15 April 2007

The day before...

I've been moaning about OSCEs and my lack of revision for weeks now but they're finally here. Tomorrow is paeds and Tuesday obs and gynae (at least it fucking better be because that's what we've been told, if its not then I'll be buggered and someone will get some abuse), 7 or 8, 5 minute stations per day. I'm not prepared, nowhere near in fact but I never usually am until right before we enter through the doors into the fiery hell that is the skills lab during OSCE time. I've not been as enthusiastic about revising for these exams than I have previously, maybe I'm complacent, maybe because I hate obs and gynae perhaps I'm just exhausted but anyway its too late to moan about that now.

I know my examinations, I can wash my hands, introduce myself and obtain consent, I can take a history, I can even counsel patients and parents. Ok so my subject knowledge is patchy but hopefully I'll be ok. *crosses fingers (and toes..and legs..and arms)*

OSCE day always makes me chuckle, it must be quite the logistical nightmare for the staff. But its also quite a ridiculous experience. The 'same' exam is run over 5 sites, how they can ensure this is standardised is beyond me. It can be interesting when you recognise the examiner at a particular station, perhaps its a consultant with whom you got on with well, or perhaps one who you didn't get on so well with either way, the fairness of using 'familiar' examiners is debatable, indeed the GMC didn't really approve. We get quarantined after the exam until everyone has started at all sites, oh yes, that lovely time when everyone dissects each, over and over again. Just get the fuck over it, there is nothing you can do about it now! I don't want to know exactly what I've missed.

Roll on Tuesday afternoon and that lovely feeling of freedom.

P.S - Thanks to all who wished me luck in previous posts, I might just need it this time. By Tuesday evening all my OSCE moaning will be done and dusted and normal blogging will return.


Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Good Luck!!

Ms Ellisa said...

Hey, Good luck on everytthing!!

Anonymous said...

That's better than at my med school where the same OSCE is run twice a day over 10 days. The people in session 1 have no idea what's on it, the people in the last session have spoken to so many people that passing is guaranteed.