Monday, 15 January 2007

Exam! - Shit.

Tomorrow I have the lovely, biannual 'progress test', the most ridiculous exam in the world! Unfortunately I seem to have come down with a bout of man flu, ok so its a bad cold but I can barely breathe and concentrating tomorrow is going to be interesting. [sympathy to my girlfriend who has also been struck down with poorlyness - "I'm dying harder" - girlfriend]

The progress test: 125 multiple choice, best answer questions which could be on anything from all 5 years of our medical course. Remember that I'm only in 4th year, and even more ridiculously, the same exam is now sat by all 5 years, at the same time! So spare a thought for the poor first years, who having been in medical school for all of a term get to spend 2 and a half hours guessing the answers to questions most doctors probably don't even know.


DundeeMedStudent said...

wow that exam sounds fun.

j00ni said...

At least the first years only have to get like 3 questions right.

I quite like the progress test, certianly beats stupid case-based papers which I was unbelievably bad at.

Had a good day learning quite a lot of neurodevelopment in the CDC, so i feel a bit more confident in my paeds knowledge.

Also, I have the same damned cold, have had it for 2 weeks now, so hope you are a bit more lucky. On top of that my flatmate has chickenpox - and my arms and chest are itchy (heres to hoping that's psychogenic or something)

PS - loving the blog, though I share your cynicism, I am a little more optomistic about our future since we don't want to go to the Big Smoke, and I'm happy to stay oop norf :)