Saturday, 2 February 2008

Wetherspoons Reply

I'm sure you remember this disasterous meal we had a couple of weeks ago at Wetherspoons. Well, I got a reply to my complaint letter this morning.


I must say, I’m rather disappointed with their response. It seems a bit like; "Yeah whatever....blah, blah, blah." I did think they might have sent me some vouchers of some sort, sadly not, even their customer service sucks. They've failed to address a couple of my issues, 1) Why they made no attempt to work out who I was, 2) Why they accused me of stealing my card but weren't the least bit interested in apprehending a thief, and 3) The awful food which we had to wait ages and ages for. I'm tempted to write to them with a reply, but I’m not sure I can be arsed.

In other news, where the hell did January go? I'm pleased to report that I successfully fulfilled my resolution to have no sweets, chocolate, crisps or biscuits in January. There was so much temptation and at times I had sweets in my hand in a shop but I resisted the temptation. Admittedly I did have 1 chocolate mouse trifle in my lunch box one day but I was almost forced to by missbliss so I couldn't argue. Question is, what do I do now? (Please answer the poll) I could continue but I’m getting rather desperate. If I start eating such things again it'll be difficult to restrain myself to eating sensible portions or I could just revert to my multiple kit kats a day diet.


Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Surely even though your diet is hard, you must be feeling better! You know, more energy, less of that awful feeling when your blood glucose levels crash a little while after eating that chocolate, and such. I know that I can't do the moderation thing -- if I allow myself a treat, it will soon turn into treating myself far far too frequently, so I have to try to stay away from the stuff altogether if possible. I'd keep going on the healthy diet! Good luck to ya mate.

Elaine said...

re the first part of your post - it looks like Form Letter no 243b and I agree it doesn't respond to the issues you wanted dealt with.

re the chocolate - it's funny, but I think it is an adiction on a par with nicotine, so well done for managing a month, it should get easier from now on. I never eat the stuff now (well, apart from 2 o'brien's ones as they are completely irresistable) I think it is made easier by the knowledge that all the British big names are not really chocolate at all as they have such a low proportion of cocoa solids.

Anonymous said...

They're bloody useless, I like going to my local spoons, shame it's filled with resentful staff who seem to hate customers...

I would go mad if they destroyed my card, didn't realise they were even allowed to?

Anonymous said...

Well, as missbliss's mum you know about my weakness for chocolate ... and yes, it is like an addiction. I have decided to generally knock it on the head for the foreseeable future and the only acceptable 'fix' I am allowing myself is a small cup of cocoa once or twice a week when it all gets too much! I must admit, when I have scoffed a choccie biccy in the staffroom, it has always 'let me' down very badly, usually during a hectic lesson and so I think it's not worth it. Am substituting with slow release ceral bars or banana instead.

steph said...

A little of what you enjoy will do you no harm.

If miss bliss and you can agree on the definition of 'little' then GO FOR IT but make sure you STICK TO IT!

I wouldn't bother with chasing Wetherspoons. They don't deserve your precious time.

Emma said...

What a useless reply to your letter of complaint! I worked in retail for a long time, and i can see why they wanted to hold on to your card...we occasionally had one left behind, and for posting it to transax (i seem to remember) i'd get a nice cheque as a thank you.
I had a similar experience today whereby i was told i was trying to commit fraud, despite the fact i was taking a jacket back to a store, despite the fact i had the card to put the money on...and that i was not pretending to be anyone - i thought fraud was pretending to be someone (and usually for gains).

ditzydoctor said...

what a boffing useless reply! that was a waste of your time.

and NO don't start again! really really. :D

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Elaine left a comment on my blog letting me know about your wetherspoons issues. Seems like they're at it everywhere! How do they get away with it?! Bendy Girl
PS, a month without chocolate? wow. seriously wow.