Friday, 8 February 2008

Just One More Thing

I don’t know what it is about Fridays, particularly Friday afternoons but nearly all my patients today had a list of 3 or 4 different things. Now for me, this isn’t as much of an issue as everyone who sees me has a half hour appointment but the GPs get 10 minutes, and very rarely do people book double appointments if they’ve got a list. It works quite well if they come and see me as they can take all the time in the world telling me their life stories and I can condense what they say into a short summary for the GP.

“Whilst I’m here...”, “Just one more thing...” are a couple of the favourites. Sometimes they’ll bring you a nicely written list. Either way, it can get just a touch irritating when patients expect all their problems to be dealt with. Oh well, its friday. yay.

Before I go - i've jus about finished ranking all 287 odd jobs in my chosen deanery - now I just have to click submit and wait patiently until the 20th of Feb to find out what my first job will consist of and where it will be.

Oh and just one more thing – I’ve made a rare post over at the real little medic, check it out if you’ve not already done so.


medically brunette said...

Hmmm my practise has loads of posters up saying 'one problem per appointment' but the fact that patients can actually book double appointments isn't widely advertised.. in fact I'm sure most don't know about it? (Is that a deliberate ploy to avoid Mavis coming in for half the day?!)

jessica said...

I write lists because as soon as I enter my doctor's office,I get so nervous that I forget the reason that I came there for.

Can we book double appointments??

the little medic said...

If you have a couple of things you want to discuss and you think it might take more than 10 minutes you should certainly be able to book double appointments. You certainly can at my practice. Altough I agree, it certainly isn't well publicised or I suppose everyone would be doing it.

Flossy said...

Then you get people like me, who have had a 'little list' for years, but never seem to find the time or inclination to bring it! I'll get around to it one day, if losing weight and being fitter doesn't fix most of it first! Is it odd, that I consider losing weight (I'm only about 2st too heavy) and getting fitter to be my first line of treatment, rather than going to the GP?