Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Pretty Damn Pleased

After much pressing of 'F5' this morning the job allocation suddenly appeared. At first glance all you could see was a code which unless you'd memorised the list meant nothing.

On checking what the code actually meant, I was pretty damn pleased with my foundation jobs. I will be moving hospitals between F1 and F2 unfortunately but the rotation is pretty perfect.

So, what am I going to be doing? Well....


Renal Medicine
Vascular Surgery
Acute Medicine/Surgery



The F2 year suits me perfectly, I couldn't have wished for a better year. The F1 year is more generic and i'm less excited about it but its still pretty good. I'm slightly worried about starting out on renal medicine as I've never done any renal and know next to nothing about kidneys. I'm also not entirely sure what acute Med/Surg is.

So it seems that the foundation lottery has been quite generous to me. Wahey. Hope everyone else got what they were after.

Now I just have to pass. Arghhhh!


Layla said...

Renal Medicine is a good one to start with actually, as renal physicians are quite particular about how things are done, so will give you a lot of supervision and support. You should see a lot of good medicine too.

Ms-Ellisa said...

Yay for you!

I think it's sth like "emergency" but also "acute"? Does this make sense to you as it does to me?

Hannah said...

Fab! So pleased you've go something you're quite happy with.

dr_dyb said...

Is Acute Med/Surg what we up here call receiving - the generic wards after A&E where people are moved to, and where Gp referrals go straight to for assessment and triage before they are sent to the appropriate wards (it also has no 4hr limits!)

It is apparently a great place for sharpen diagnostic skills, and deciding what for of management they need.

Anonymous said...

The usual number of kidneys is two per person. Hope this helps.

missbliss said...

There are, of course exceptions!! (I assume that's you, mother)

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Congrats Little Medic!! Your F2 year is FAB, and I'm sure you'll learn a ton during your F1 year :)

PhD scientist said...

Is that renal posting a kind of "Karmic Payback" for what you wrote about kidneys and your knowledge of them a few weeks back, LM?

Even if you have surgical leanings I would think renal would be useful for a grounding in "general issues of body fluid". My medic friends are often a touch snarky about the levels of "attentiveness to appropriate hydration" on the surgical wards (esp. post-op).

But of course, you might just spend your time weighing type II diabetics...

Anna said...

Woop woop! I got my first choice job - T&O, MAU and A&E, so I am very very pleased. But West Mids have only allocated us to F1 rotations so no F2 jobs for me yet.

Today was the longest morning of my life - I was stuck in lectures knowing that jobs were out but unable to check til 1pm. I also was convinced they'd be out at midnight and was gutted not to be able to find out before leaving home.

It seems awfully real all of a sudden...

the little medic said...

layla - thanks for the encouragement, I suppose you're right.

ms ellisa - I'm still not sure what it is, i'm looking into it.

hannah - thanks, me too!

dy dyb - I think it must be something like MAU. I just don't understand why its med and surg. There seem to be lots of us doing it at the same time so who knows.

anon - that is about the limit of my knowledge!

missbliss - I can see something like that and me being like WTF- are you even human?

xavier - yeah i'm sure i'll learn lots too. Thanks

phd scientist - Yes I think it might well be karma biting me in the ass. But like you say it will probably be very useful for fluid management etc.

anna - it seems all too bloody real, so much so that i'm scared. Really excited though!

Elaine said...

1 useful tip for renal. A transplanted kidney is in the pelvis!

Well done with your allocation.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That looks awesome, I would be elated if that were me!! I bet you can't wait to start.

Best of luck with finals LM, I feel bad for the finalists here as they seem to be under quite a bit of pressure.