Sunday, 28 October 2007

so much to do, so little time

I knew things were going to be busy when we returned from our trip but busy is probably an understatement!

I have finally finished my elective report, it is pretty good now even if I do say so myself. My blog actually proved useful as rereading some of my posts whilst away helped with the content of my report. It was supposed to be 3500 words but that simply isn't enough so it ended up at 3700 which is still a ridiculously small amount considering everything that happened. I don't think I've done it justice but I've done the best I possibly could have. Much credit must go to missbliss for her help. Now I just have to hand the dam thing in which is going to be a pain in the arse as it has to be handed into the medical school not my hospital. I'll look forward to me 100 mile, each way, commute on Monday.

I thought about putting a copy of my report up on the net but since the university seem to have stepped up their assault on plagiarism it'll have to wait for a while. I wouldn't want to be accused of stealing someone else's report and making up 2 months of my life now would I? If you're desperate to read it then drop me an email.

That's one thing I can cross off on my ever expanding list of things to do. I can also cross off finding a flat as we've found one! Although finding somewhere to live adds about 60 different things to my to-do list. Particularly as its unfurnished so we're going to be sleeping on the floor. IKEA here we come!

My first week back in hospital was both eventful and uneventful, you can read about it here at the real little medic (email me for an invite if you want).

Next week promises to be busier than ever! We're moving into our flat next Saturday, I'm going on a surgical skills course in Edinburgh next Friday and there is the small matter of the foundation application form which I've yet to really study in detail! Expect to here more about that next week (if I get time to blog that is!)

I'm also planning a post about some of the crazy things people have googled only to end up at my blog. At the moment its mostly about the foundation programme application form as I've written about the questions but there have been some gems just recently and I'm sure it would be worth sharing them.

Finally, this is my 100th post, so I'd just like to say a quick thanks to all the readers and commenters out there who make blogging a bit more interesting!


Anonymous said...

Woah busy week! Sounds like you've got an exciting 5th year coming up, any word on specialties you are thinking of yet?

Best of luck with the surgical skills at the weekend, and well done on the 100th post, can't wait to read the next 100 dude!

Calavers said...

Congrats on the 100th post! Let this be the first hundred of many hundred more!

And well done on getting your elective report done! How annoying - the one time when you want to write more, and you're restricted by a crappy word count!

OOh, and I was planning to do one of those posts, too! About how people get to my blog! You'd never guess some of the insane things people look up on Google...

dr_dyb said...

Our elective reports are lots of short questions- did you ha unsupervisd contact with patients? Did you undertake any procedure or intervention? Were these supervised? etc and a 250 word reflective piece. Admittedly wegt2electvs but even so it seems very concise.

Ms-Ellisa said...

"I wouldn't want to be accused of stealing someone else's report and making up 2 months of my life now would I?" :-D LOL

Yay on your 100th... I'm still up to 83 or sth.

The weirdest google I've got these days is "ms ellisa greek med student"- because it's from Australia and I don't know ANYBODY there, especially in that city. It seems too detailed somehow... Freaky, huh?