Sunday, 14 October 2007

As One Journey Comes To An End Another One Begins

Returning home brings a mountain of things to sort out, organise and do. One item on the list is a small thing called the foundation programme application!!!!! Yowsers. Probably the most important thing about 5th year (apart from finals but talk of those is henceforth banned.)

I quite enjoy blogging so you'll probably be able to follow my journey as I go about applying for my foundation 1 post, as long as I have enough time. Scary stuff indeed. Of course missbliss will be a valuable resource with her English knowledge to correct my poorly written rubbish.

I've had a brief browse of the net and flick around the blogsphere and I've not seen any mentions of foundation programme 2008 (FP 2008) applications yet which somewhat surprised me (although given that I've not spent much time online due to being on holiday I might just have missed it.)

On the 8th October, the 2008 application form was released to the world of waiting medical students. I've not seen MTAS written anywhere so I'm hoping they've moved away from being called MTAS due the what happened with ST applications.

I don't know what the general consensus about the application is but in my opinion it could have been much worse. There are questions I don't like but mostly I'm quite pleased and hopefully I'll be able to cook up a fairly decent application. I'm not sure whether or not I'm allowed to copy the questions to my blog and go through my opinions on each, but that will have to wait till I've got more time anyway.

There is also a story to come about my academic ranking which I found out by email from a friend whilst I was in the Solomon Islands. All I will say is that I'm fairly pleased with my ranking which should help with my application.

Finally for now, I've written a short post over at the real little medic take a look over there, if you need an invite drop me an email and I'll get back to you (although it might be in a week or so)

If you've seen anything in the blogsphere about the application form or other bloggers applying for FP 2008 please let me know either in a comment or by email to imamedicalstudentgetmeoutofhere[at]


Ms-Ellisa said...

"I quite enjoy blogging so you'll probably be able to follow my journey"
Wellcome back!!!
Ihope you postmore Solomon Island stories...ooh and LA stories... :-)

Kelly said...

Some stuff on the DNUK forums about the FP applications. Opinion seems to be that it isn't really any improvement on last year and looking at the application form I must admit I tend to agree with those older and wiser than me about it.

Good to have you back - some of your escapades on t'other side of the world look exciting, terrifying, amazing, hair-raising, and so on! Sounds like an experience you and missbliss will remember for years to come :-)

Calavers said...

Welcome back to England, dude!

And welcome back to MissBliss, too!

And, er, I might need an invite to your private blog, simply cos I want to read your post on applications. If you're not cool with that, that's ok, I totally understand.

Anonymous said...

Yay you're back!! Things are going well as a 1st year, even if they're fairly boring...

Hope you've adjusted to the UK now.

Ms Medic said...

I'll be fretting about applications in blog-land, don't you worry. It's not the best time of year for it, since I'm off on elective before the deadline and might not have internet access. Oh dear.