Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Great Start to the Week!

My last post was about how busy this week was going to be, and I wasn't wrong! Unfortunately I seem to have caught a rather virulent strain of man-flu. My head feels like its in a vice, my sinuses feel like they are being infused with molten lava, my nose is streaming like Niagara falls and my throat feels like its being attacked by an army of miniature samurai! That being said, I feel like shit which makes doing things a real pain in the arse!

Yesterday I had to hand in my elective report;
6am - I got up, showered, dressed and made dam sure I had 2 copies of my elective report and a copy on CD
6:30am - Left the house to drive the 60 miles to the medical school building
7:30am - feeling like shit, and only half way through the journey I made an emergency stop at a motorway services for a crunchie!
8:30am - finally arrived having spent the best part of 2 hours driving and was amazed that I could find a parking space
8:45am - went to computer cluster to check my emails and waste some time before reception opened so I could hand my report in
8:59am - set off on the short walk across the foyer to hand in my report
8:59:30am - am startled by a loud cry of "OHHHHH SHIT!" coming from right in the middle of the foyer
8:59:35am - realise that people are looking my way and that the cry of "OHHH SHIT" came from me. My brain is running a bit behind because of my man-flu
8:59:40am - I've only gone and forgotten my elective supervisor assessment form which also needs to be handed in today!!!! ARGHHHHHHHH! I blame man-flu!
9:00am - Have just about stopped myself from crying in the middle of the foyer and go in to hand in my report.
9:01am - I apologise to the friendly man on the desk for forgetting my form, he has NO idea what I'm talking about and writes me out a receipt for my report.
9:05am - Right, what am I going to do, this form HAS to be in today and is supposed to be in by 12:00 on the dot.
9:10am - Get back to the car, there is only one thing for it, I'll have to drive home and get it.
10:30am - Arrive back home after driving 60 miles back - man-flu is now making me feel even worse! Realise that if I drive back to the medical school I probably won't be able to make the deadline.
10:35am - Phone medical school to ask if I can fax it over as its only a form. Unfortunately the woman I speak to has no idea what-so-ever and isn't very helpful!
10:40am - I decide faxing it is the only thing I can do so I write a letter and email the man in-charge (who is conveniently on holiday today)
11:00am - Get to Staples and pay £2 (cheaper than the £15 it would have cost in petrol) to fax my form over with a request to email me confirmation of receipt
11:30am - Go home and die.

5:00pm - still no confirmation email, great, they've either not got it or haven't bothered to email me back to let me know. God knows what will happen now, will they fail me for being late (even though my report was in time), will it not matter at all? Who knows, one thing is for sure, it won't be simple!

On the plus side, Between dying and 5:00pm I did manage to fill in some of the foundation application form which went live yesterday. I also managed to plan the answers to the sacred 7 questions.

Today my man-flu is even worse, I feel like shit. I need to get better quickly in order to keep up with my busy week.


Anonymous said...

jeeze LM i feel for you, that is exactly the sort of day that would ruin my week. Hope the elective is sound, I'm sure they won't kick up too much of a fuss...

Oh and as for the man flu, that sucks too. Lemsip, bed rest and missbliss will probably help a lot!

Helen said...

Gosh... reading about your day made me feel stressed lol. Hope you get better soon and remember tomorrow can only get be better than today!

dr_dyb said...

60 mile trip to the Med school every day doesn't sound fun either. Are you sure that you and I are not in competition to make our trips through med school more challenging chaotic and eventful that the other?

Calavers said...

Oh no, this awful day brings back memories of my awful day too! I hate it when these sorts of things happen! Though - at least you didn't get nearly run over!

Calavers said...

Oh no, this awful day brings back memories of my awful day too! I hate it when these sorts of things happen! Though - at least you didn't get nearly run over!

Calavers said...

Grr! Why won't my comment post here?! I've tried twice now!

Calavers said...

Oh shite. It DID work.