Sunday, 24 June 2007

Room 101

I assume most of you are au fait with the principles of room 101, its probably been done a few times in the blogsphere but I've not seen it for a while. If you're so inclined please go away and do your own (but leave me a comment so I know where to come and read!)

I'm going to limit myself to 7 things which is really quite hard (it was going to be 5 but that was impossible. Feel free to have as many as you want.

1) Paris Hilton - What a useless waste of Oxygen she is. Does she serve any purpose in life? She is perhaps the most annoying person in the world, famous because her family owns a chain of hotels, oh, and a certain famous home video or two. Stupid ignorant bint!

2) Cigarettes - Oh to have a smoke free Earth, what a delight. I could have just put smokers in but that would ruin the fun of watching them all have to give up, besides, smokers aren't bad, its just the things the little sticks they insist on wasting money on.

3) Annoying people - This is a bit of a cheat because it basically encompasses everyone who annoys me, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Band-waggon-jumper-oners
  • Incompetent people
  • People who use the word 'aks' instead of 'ask' (almost deserves its own unique place in room 101)
  • Talk-talk salesmen
  • People who go in yellow boxes when driving!
  • People who insist on being in so-called 'popular' groups just because they think it makes them better than other people. Bunch of fools
  • People who are late
  • People at cash machines who insist on checking the balance of 5 different accounts before deciding they don't want any cash after all. How long does it take to type in your pin and ask for some cash!?!
  • People who stop in the middle of the supermarket and spend 5 minutes chatting, they always stand in the stupidest of places so nobody can get past!
  • Police cars which drive at 69mph on motorways.

(ok that's enough of that)

4) The phrase 'Carbon Footprint' - What a stupid phrase that is, I don't care about my carbon footprint. I don't want to 'offset my emissions' or be 'carbon neutral'. It's not that I don't care about the environment, I do. I just don't believe in all this global warming rubbish, I enjoy driving, I want a gas guzzling supercar which does just 4mpg, I want my 1p ryanair flights, I want to leave my laptop on 24/7 and I don't want to wait 5 minutes for energy efficient lightbulbs to reach sufficient brightness! David Milliband recently declared that his 'carbon footprint' was a respectable 3 tonnes, of course he didn't mention the fact that he had excluded all his travelling from that figure, numpty.

5) Pigeons - All they do is shit on your car (or in some cases you), nest in your heating flue, walk around nodding their head being in the way all the time , rats with wings, that is what they are.

6) Hexagonal Smartie Tubes - Whhhy? Round ones are infinitely better and you don't get the plastic lids with letters anymore! Whilst i'm at it, Smarties with 'no artificial colours' I want my lurid coloured smarties, give me back my e-numbers!

and of course:

7) My medical school - nuff said really. (as long as they give me my degree first)

8) 'Dr' Gillian McKeith - Words can't even describe her.

I realise that I've sort of cheated, but I could have gone on for ever. What can I say, I'm intolerant.


depressed on a Sunday evening said...

1. Ancient eyeballs that refuse to focus. Can’t see anything without glasses.
2. Glasses. They get scratched/lost/smeared and loosen up with wear.
3. Subtly recessed buttons, which are impossible to locate when you have lost your glasses. I end up fumbling my way across the surface of the TV blindly searching for something to turn the bloody thing off with because a) I have lost my glasses and b) I’ve lost the remote.
4. The remote for my IWB. For goodness sake, it’s the size and thickness of a credit card and usually just gets buried under piles of papers on my desk.
5. Piles of papers on my desk – all white. Piles of paper in my pending tray – mostly white. Piles of papers in my in tray – mostly white. If you want to really get my attention, send me something pink/purple/tartan with a cheque enclosed.
6. The top to my memory stick. Why is it not attached to the stick itself by a little chain?
7. Technical ineptitude which prevents me from letting you know where to find my room 101 items so I have to post it here.

Anonymous said...

gotta agree with #2 - can't wait till July 1st!

Elaine said...

1. People who love power and have no thought for those around them. (yes I am thinking of someone in particular. Hospital Phoenix wrote about McBitch, I could write about McBastard)
2. Idiots who follow him/them (yes I am thinking of people in particular)
3. These horrible 4 solid ring electric hotplates. I am getting rid of mine on Tuesday and getting an induction hob - YEH
4. Agree about Paris Hilton
5. Big Brother
6. This horrible cold, wet summer. "Bring Me Sunshine..."
And the nights are already drawing in.......

Elaine said...

Oops, can't count

7. Mars bars (and others) getting smaller, then being advertised as NEW!

Ms-Ellisa said...

Agree on Paris Hilton. Is room 101 sth you have to right 7 things you hate? Did I get it right?

the little medic said...

ms-ellisa - Yeah that is basically it. I think its supposed to be only 5 things though.

elaine - Definietly agree with the small mars bars one!

medstudentitis said...

Ok... I am very into my carbon emissions. I'm sorry. I try not to eat food that has travelled very far to get to me, I don't drive my car if I can ride my bike or take public transit, I carpool to the cottage instead of taking my car, and I'm not going anywhere on an airplane this summer because the trip wouldn't be worth the fuel (only a week in Scotland). So, I guess i'm one of the fuckers you hate :) But, I don't go around telling very many people about how I save the earth - I'm a pretty quiet earth saver except now I've told you!

the little medic said...

medstudentitis - It isn't the people I hate, it is the overused phrases which seem to be the new thing. Anyone is free to hold any view that they want as far as i'm concerned.

Elaine said...

If we're going to talk about things we love/approve of;

1. farmers market meat and veg - locally produced and organic too
2. organic veg box scheme - see above.
3. ok you can tell that I am old enough to have moved on from the baked beans on toast stage. In fact, I have retired from the NHS (nurse, midwife and health visitor, so that's two things for Dr Crippen to hate about me) and am living only on state and NHS pension, so not at all rich!

HospitalPhoenix said...

Five things I'd send into room 101:

1) Backstabbers / two-faced people. As far as I'm concerned, people can admit they have insecurities and inadequacies, and I won't mind a jot - I'll think more of them for being honest. But if jealous, bitter people make themselves feel bigger and better by being two-faced, telling lies about people, bullying and bitching, they can jolly well fuck off and die.

2) People who make loads of disgusting noises when they eat. bleurgh.

3) People who vandalise my car for fun. Get a life, kids. The old banger's had enough.

4) Sentences ending in and, so, and or. If you have something to say, please say it. If you don't have anything to say, shut up. Saying half a sentence is annoying and manipulative and gramatically wrong.

5) People who say "such as" because they're too half-witted (or lazy) to ask the person speaking to explain what they mean.

Things I love:

1) My family and my doggies

2) Chilling out with friends

3) Red wine and goats cheese

4) The outdoors (in good weather and bad)

5) Getting my work published

Sheena said...

I couldn't agree more:

Bring back the round Smarties tubes and plastic caps with letters!
(I also blogged about it here:

Btw, I am hanging on to my collection in the hopes that I can make a fortune later.

And yes, I hate pigeons. Only good for chasing really. And yes, medical school's a b*tch... Nothing new there :P

Anonymous said...

Things I hate.

1. Schedule. We are not American, there is no K in the word. It is not skedule.
2. Revolutionary new products. If its revolutionary it is thereby implied to be new as well.
3. Usual stuff like Medical School
4. Medical students (at least 75% of them)
5. Indexes - why must they redirect you to a different part of the index, just tell me the page number.
6. G.W.Bush or at least the person that tells him what to think. Bush himself is probably a nice innocent fool who doesn't know he is a puppet for the US war machine.

Apart from the last one, nothing major.

medstudentitis said...
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medstudentitis said...

Things I hate:
1. people who pronounce schedule shed-ju-le
2.people who say they are neaseous instead of nauseated
3. people who say one thing about a job and get me all excited to apply for it and then get a lackie to call me and tell me that actually it's another way and I don't qualify and not even appologize.
4. people driving cars who don't know how to share the road with cyclists
5. american boarder guards. they are fantastically wanky.

Cal said...

I love this entry and reading about everyone's pet hates - so many of them tally with mine!

I need to write one of these entries too.

Of course, the danger there is that it might not end...