Thursday, 14 June 2007

Because I'm Bored...

Following HospitalPhoenix's lead I've decided to do this without being tagged (I'm a rebel! OH YEAH!)

Two names you go by: The Little Medic, tlm

Two things you are wearing right now: Purple Tie, trousers which are rather uncomfortable.

Two things you would want (or have) in a relationship: Love and cuddles.

Two of your favourite things to do: Shopping for gadgets - I'm obsessed with shopping in general but when combined with gadgets its orgasmic. Procrastinating - usually by smurfing the interweb.

Two things you want very badly at the moment: A tabby kitten, a new phone and a first class ticket out of the North West (that's 3, but I'm greedy)

Two pets you have had: Assorted Bernese Mountain dogs, and a tiger (cat)

Two people I would like to do this: Like HP said, anyone with the inclination.

Two things you did last night: Ate McDonalds (Student 6 Nugget meal with banana milkshake) and watched the final of the Apprentice (Simon ftw!)

Two things you ate today: A Double Decker and some salt and vinegar french fries (I'm like the healthiest person on the planet!)

Two people you last talked to: missbliss and a patient (on the phone)

Two things you are doing tomorrow: Phoning more patients

Two longest car rides: Uni to missbliss's and my home to missbliss's (anyone sense a recurring theme?)

Two favourite holidays: Last minute cottage break in Wissett, Suffolk with missbliss (3 weeks after meeting.) Ambleside, Lake District.

Two favourite beverages: Orange juice with bits and Passoa


HospitalPhoenix said...

Yeah! Woo! It's cool to be a rebel!

Why are you phoning patients? Have you got yourself a summer research project?

My first research project - well, the first one which got published - involved phoning patients who'd had a certain operation, and asking how they were getting on. One of them had died, and I felt terrible when his wife told me.

AMiB said...

I love how you call them french fries :-P (FREEDOM fries!!! lol jk)

and bits are gross.

the little medic said...

HospitalPhoenix - You've scared me now, I know i'm going to phone people up tomorrow and one of them will have died :s

Its not a summer research project (cos I don't have a summer) But we have 11 weeks at the end of year 4 to do some kind of project so I'm doing some kind of research. I'm doing something similar, phoning patients and just running through a quick follow-up questionnaire for an operation they had.

Have got most of my data now, just need to set about doing stats and writing it up.

amib - I was talking about the french fries which are crisps, hehe! (lay's chips?)

Ms-Ellisa said...

I love gadgets too :-D (think PDA)