Thursday, 28 June 2007

The Future

Due to a series of unfortunate events I decided to close my blog temporarily today. I have decided to give public blogging one last chance but have decided to disable anonymous comments and enable comment moderation. I apologise for this and I hope it doesn't hamper the contributions of some of my readers. There are a couple of people I hope will register in order to be able to keep commenting including 'UK bioscience dude' who has given me lots of useful advice in the past.

Whilst my blog was closed for a couple of hours today, I had a few worried readers email me. Thank you to them. I don't want to have to make this a private, invite only blog but that may be necessary if I want to keep on going (which I do). If I do this I'll be asking readers who wish to continue reading to email me at imamedicalstudentgetmeoutofhere[at] to request an invite (a couple of you have already done so.)

In the mean time, there will potentially be a new blog. 'The Real Me' where invited readers only can get a more personal insight into my little world. Watch this space...
(email me to get an invite)


HospitalPhoenix said...

I was wondering what had happened, thought you might've acquired a stalker or something.

Glad you're alive and well!

AMiB said...

that really sucks...i've enjoyed your posts, so as for invites, i am expecting some!

Dr Joey said...

hey LM, sorry you are having a rough time of it...I've emailed you asking for an invite, hope that's ok.

the little medic said...

dr joey - It is fine but I didnt get the email, can you try again?

Anonymous said...

Hey LM I've e-mailed you!

Cal said...

I was so out of the loop - I was on holiday and haven't checked out the blog for ages.

I hope whatever it was has now resolved. It's a pity that a few idiots have to make it all so complicated.

Enabling comment moderation was one of the best things I did. The only comments that I have not published were two comments from someone which included my name in them. I edited their comments to take out my name and reposted them. The sole reason I have it up is to avoid spam and my name being leaked, but I think it also makes the trolls think twice (assuming they have a brain...)


Hope you're good!