Sunday, 13 May 2007

MCQ for You

The day before an MCQ exam, having done little work so far, which of the following should you do?

a) Read over as many notes as you can. (Well I don't make any notes so that's option a out)
b) Read "Medicine at a Glance" in the vague hope that you'll absorb the words intradermally as you turn the pages.
c) Spend the day doing practice questions. (I've already done the ones I've got about 5 times)
d) Forget about the exam by going to the cinema, gobbling roast dinner, then proceeding to watch two thirds of the Die Hard trilogy.

Answers here please


Anonymous said...

You should do options a b and c. However what i think you will do is option d. good on ya!

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Definitely the practice questions and reading your (non-existent) notes
(a and b)

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Whoops, I meant a and c

Anonymous said...

Well, I have an exam tomorrow.

Today I logged onto facebook for the first time in 3 weeks. Guess how much work I got done.

Cal said...

Most definitely a combo of b) and d). Except I'd watch all three Die Hard movies... I love that trilogy so much.

A girl said...

Umm... is this a trick question? Obviously, you are screwed already, so you may as well go to a movie, have a drink, and watch... not that crap, but something fun, like "The Office" or "Something about Mary"... at least you can say you have a life in medical school, which is more than I can say. Because I am screwed, have an anxiety disorder, and have no life - all conditions developed in the last 3 years. Guess how far I am from graduation?

DundeeMedStudent said...

e) watch a scrubs boxset, with your notes and medicine at a glance sitting out, so you can learn by osmosis.

medstudentitis said...

I'm going with something similar to Dundeemedstudent - convince yourself you're actually studying while watching TV by glancing through notes during advert breaks.

Junior DocSpot said...

I would do d) and that is usually what I did do.

I never tried to kid myself that I was revising when I wasn't. Either revise or don't revise. Don't pretend... it just ruins a perfectly good day.

/lecture over.
Good luck! JD
PS Congrats on the engagement.

missbliss said...

I'd do e) convince boyfriend to go to cinema, cook roast dinner for gobbling and then plan lessons while lazy boyfriend watching die hard

AMiB said...

Having just sat my SAQ, and with the MCQ in two days, I'd definitely go for option (d) :-D

p.s., i don't know if you get emails for all comments, but check your comments from your first post ever