Thursday, 3 May 2007

May 2007 - The most expensive month of my life (so far)

Car service and MOT = £150 (got to be done I suppose, don't want to crash)
Car Tax = £110 (Stupid tax man!)
Car Insurance = £700 (Yes, I'm a boy, I'm 21 and I live in big, crime-ridden city)
Petrol = £160 (Don't ask...)
Elective Flights = £1300 (Round the world in 80 days (well 78 to be precise))
Other Elective Stuff = £400 (If you're going to do it, you may as well do it properly!)
Rent = £237.50 (I'm proud of our pokey little hole)
Bills = £72.50 (I need my phone and the net to keep blogging!)
TOTAL = £3130 (And that's excluding food and luxuries....bread and water it is then)

Elective Update: Currently the plan is as follows;-
July - UK -> Bangkok -> Sydney -> New Zealand -> Fiji -> Honiara (Solomon Islands) -> Lata Hospital (7 weeks of doctor-ness) -> Honiara -> Fiji -> Los Angeles -> UK - October


Cal said...

Wooooooow!! What an absolutely awesome elective plan! I really hope that everything goes well! Make the most of it - it'll be the only decent holiday you get before you become a *real* doctor, apparently!

Oh, and sorry, but what was that about Utd for the treble...?

*grins evilly*

Anonymous said...

Good grief! £700 for car tax. That is frightening. I won't mention that my car insurance is only £140. Ooops! Did I just mention that...

Elective plans sound awesome. Roll on July I hear you cry and missbliss cry! ;-)

Anonymous said...

how long are you in sydney for?

- sydney medic

Harry said...

hey, i just got back from 18 months in Solomons (your blog came up on Google news alerts for Solomon Islands). some mates and i put together a Wiki on cool stuff to do in Solomons. You might find it interesting:

(We don't have anything on Lata yet - if you get inspired after your elective, you might even like to add an entry.)

Canberra, Australia

Ms-Ellisa said...

That sounds amazing........!!!!!!!! How on earth did you arrange that?! No, really I'm interested for next year and I have NO idea... If you would be so kind to advice me on what to do to arrange such a trip - ahem- clinical experience...

the little medic said...

Cal - Yeah it will be the only decent holiday, hence making the most of it :D
As for the football, meh, it sucks.

Anon - ROAR! stupid car insurance. And yes, we can't wait!

Sydney Anon - Probably 5days to a week. Any tips on how we can make the most of our time there?

Harry - Thanks a lot for the link. I'll be sure to add a bit on lata and our experiences when we get back!

ms-elisa - I'll email you with a few tips. It is really quite easy and can all be done by email.

dr_dyb said...

Hope it all goes well!!

And all I can say is that i wish my most expensive month had been that cheap!! But topping the £1500 outgoings in one month always worries me because my income is never that good, even when student loan, birthday and christmas and payday all occur within 28 days.

The Angry Medic said...


Thanks so much for the card by the way. Am glad you didn't hang around, I picked it up right after we'd taken our MedSoc photo and the theme this year was "Golf Pros and Tennis Ho's". (You do NOT wanna know which one I was dressed up as.)

And are you stalking me even throughout summer? I'M going to be in Australia too!

medstudentitis said...
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origin said...

What a great elective schedule! I'm so jealous! I could only afford one country, I'm afraid (yours). But it was worth it. Have a great time globetrotting.