Monday, 26 February 2007

The MTAS lottery.

Apologies for any sweating/palpitations/myocardial infarctions brought on by the above image

Today is the day that the MTAS lottery announces its results, congratulations to those who made it through this shambles and came out with interviews. Commiserations to those who didn't.

MTAS doesn't concern me much yet but its been a busy day in my teaching hospital. SHOs all over the hospital spent the morning hunting for computers to check the results, every one of them nervously trying to log on to find out what their future holds. Some were relieved to have interviews but some also missed out. I wonder if any of those who created this whole MTAS disgrace spared a thought for the thousands of young doctors today, somehow I doubt it - fuckers.

"Oh well, off to Australia then" -

A disgruntled interviewless SHO

Hopefully in a few years it'll be me logging on to find out what my future holds, although that thought doesn't fill me with much confidence. I hope they've sorted it out a bit by then.

Good luck to all those who have interviews in the next few weeks.


Cal said...

Tell me about it, my SHO was equally stressed today...

Its not just the SHOs, though, their stress is kinda transferred to everyone else too, even the Consultants, some of whom feel really bad for their SHOs and staff being so demoralised.


Patient Anonymous said...

So you dare people to leave comments? Well, I suppose I should at the very least say thank you for blogrolling me! I was a little surprised to see myself here., thank you and nice to meet you.