Friday, 2 February 2007

I'm An Animal, Get Me Out Of This Research Lab

This month's studentBMJ presents the case for animal research so I thought i'd give my opinion on the contraversial topic.

I don't really know a lot about the subject but I've never been one to let that stop me giving my opinion. Animal research isn't a topic I'm particularly passionate about either but given its topical nature its worthy of a post.

I'm all for animal research, I don't particularly like the idea of it but I fully recognise its contribution to science and medicine. Fairly recently there was a programme on TV about animal research, I can't remember what it was called but it introduced me to the concept of Pro-Test, an organisation which is promotes animal research as a counter to the animal rights movement. I have a problem with most animal rights protesters, most of whom seem to be more like terrorists than genuine opposition to animal testing. Any group which engages in criminal activity to promote their cause are fighting a losing battle in my opinion. I'm sure some of these animal rights activists just join in because it gives them an excuse to behave like wankers and to cause trouble, they don't actually care about the cause.

I don't like the idea of cruelty to animals and am all for strict regulation of animal testing but in my opinion its a necessity. In years gone by it has helped in the discovery of treatments for a range of different things. Without it people would have died. Does that mean I think Humans are more important than Animals? Well not exactly but I do think the sacrifice of an animals life is worthy if it means the saving of human life. I can see clear benefits to animal testing and i'm sure, as a result of it, many lives will be saved and made better.

I've no doubt, this debate will continue for ever or at least until the people who conduct animal testing become too scared to continue because of the behaviour of a minority of knob-heads who don't seem to be able to protest peacefully!

I hope I've not opened too big a can of worms with this post.
Let me know your feelings by leaving a comment.

[i'm still poorly and off sick]


Anonymous said...

...little medic needs to do a little more research....bad doctor..bad doctor..:(

MedWanderer said...

I'm not big on animal research but I do think it is a necessity. What I am against are things like dog labs where an animal is used to "show" students what happens when various drugs are injected into it. Thankfully, most medical schools no longer use these methods.

Anonymous said...

you know if the nutters read this they are gonna come after you!