Friday, 23 May 2008

The Week After The Week Before

Wow, its now a week after my last exam. Doesn't time fly when you're having fun or, in my case doing bugger all.

What exactly have I done in the last week? Well, not a great deal really. My post-exam to-do list which was already as long as my left arm hasn't been reduced and now in fact stretches around my back and down my right arm too. Saying that I have been 'busy', after all I must have been too busy to blog right? Well, yeah, but then again, I've not had a great deal to blog about. There is only so much material one can get out of waking up, playing computer games, eating and sleeping.

My main objective for the week involved a great deal of football manager, for those of you who know, I need say nothing more. For the rest of you, it's a totally addictive, virtual football manager PC game, like a boy's version of sims according to missbliss. I also got a new gadget on Tuesday and have spent many an hour playing with it, and i've not even read the mahousive instruction manual yet (by far the most exciting part) and yes, every single page is in English - no being disappointed when 5/6ths of the book is in Japanese/German/etc etc.

Yesterday, an excursion took us to the hospital I'll hopefully be working at come August. It was the first time I'd been there, and the first time I'd even been to the city in question. The city is lovely, if slightly quieter and more serene than what I'm used to. The hospital reminds me of a hospital some of my clinical placements were at. It is relatively small, seems mainly modern, and has a few odd, but rather cool quirks. We went for a wander round, obviously to scope out the important places, those being a) the shop, b) the cafes and c) the chocolate machines, all of which, I'm pleased to say, were up to standard.

This week has gone ridiculously quickly, perhaps I should be grateful after all that we have to wait a month for results! Hopefully next week, I'll be able to tick a few things off my to-do list.


Z said...

Good luck, with everything.

Enjoy your last summer of penury and freedom. Until you get a mortgage when penjury will return..


anna gregory said...

I have really enjoyed your blog but have found in a bit late in the day! Are you going to carry on writing it when you start FY1?


the little medic said...

anna gregory - Thanks, hope you enjoyed reading and watch this space with regards to future blogging

Ms Medic said...

Congratulations on finishing exams, you're working your way through my post-exam to do list (To Do: as little as possible; drink tea; laze about), wish I was! Thanks for the comment on my whinging. My exams start on the 4th, finish on the 11th and I get results on the 18th, so the 'end' is nigh, thank heavens. Good luck with your results, I'm sure you've done great.

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Wow, I can't believe you're done! Congrats, really that's awesome.

(I've been reading, but have been totally remiss in commenting. Oh, and the coffee people wrote me back to send me a voucher for free coffee :) Thanks for the letter-writing inspiration!)

Future Doc said...

It's gone by so quickly since I started reading your blog. Good luck with the results and I hope you enjoy your time off.

Also keep us up to date with your F1 doings, I'd be really interested to hear how well it goes.

Mr Pineapples said...

Get you out of there?


patientanonymous said...

Hey, just popping by to say hello. I haven't come around to see you in...oh, feck it! Who knows!

Anyway, indeed. Great about being done. Wiping brow with relief?

Take care,

Dragonfly said...

Doing bugger all is fun.

Anonymous said...

in general it is a gooood presentation