Saturday, 4 August 2007


We've now been in Thailand for about 5 days, We spent 3
days in Bangkok and 2 days in a northern city called
Phitsonaluk. Bangkok is insane, the traffic is crazy and
there are stalls selling food lining the streets. I like
the atmosphere but the best bits are the secluded nice
bits such as a lovely leafy wooden shack where we sat on
the floor with our shoes off eating lovely food and
watching geckos.

We stayed in a hotel in Bangkok which was cheap but
amazing, it is very modern and swish. There is a swimming
pool on the 7th floor from which we watched a storm one
evening which was great. It is the wet season but it rains
only for a short time in the evening. It is very hot and
very humid but so far we are just about coping. We were
shown around Bangkok by some thai people which was
exceedingly useful. I can't get over how busy and chaotic
the city is.

We then went up north for a couple of days, very few
westerners come here and we tend to get stared at wherever
we go. I guess that is what it is like being famous. The
norhtern city is still very chaotic, and hot but with more
woden shacks than tower blocks of hotels. Unfortunately, there also more snakes and huge spiders, both of which we spotted today.

Everything is so cheap here, the food is good, and overall
I like Thailand. I'm glad we're not spending too much time
here but i've enjoyed it so far.

Next stop Sydney, Australia. Tomorrow evening we've
another 10 hour flight down to Sydney, i'm looking forward
to Syndey, the flight...not so much.

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PhD scientist said...

Have you checked out the Jim Thompson house, LM?

One of the less manic bits of Bankok as I remember it.

The Bangkok pollution and general madness was really something when I went there, and I can hardly imagine it has improved in the 15 yrs since. Try a tuk-tuk ride across the city - the auto pollution particle hit is probably about as good (not) for your lung cancer risk as a couple of years of smoking.

BTW, cheapest way to get a good look at Sydney harbour is to get the ferry from Circular Quay over to Manly Beach. Cheaper than the sightseeing boats, takes about 50 min, great views all the way. Recommended for weekend mornings - you can get an international newspaper and fish and chips on the Manly corso and then sit at the Manly beach tables and watch the Pacific. My top tip

Another cheap but good sightseeing wheeze is to take a ferry to one of the coves on the North side of the harbour and walk along the harbour edge tracks round to the next, or next but one, headland. Kirribilli round to Taronga Zoo rings a bell, but can't trust the memory. Lots of the guidebooks suggest these kinds of walks.

Blue Mountains also worth a visit if you've got the time.

Of the real touristy things the backstage poke around the Opera House is good, and seeing a concert there is worth it just for the interval drink in the bar overlooking the harbour.

Ms-Ellisa said...

It must be pretty amazing seeing such different sights than what we are used to. Have fun :-)