Sunday, 12 August 2007


Fiji is a strange little place. We arrived very late in the evening, having been a bit delayed. There was a driver waiting for us who took us to our resort. (he'd been waiting for about 4 hours - poor him) The drive was rather scary as the roads are not great, it was pitch black and we were going rather fast. (To be honest, i'm not really comfortable being driven by anyone else anymore. I'm too used to being in control.) The flight here was pretty bad for a number of reasons, in-fact, it was so bad, it required an emergency diary entry. It was a 747 but god knows how old it was, my seat disintegrated and the food was atrocious, not to mention the delay!

The first thing we noticed about Fiji was how amazing the stars were. There are SO MANY! There isn't a lot of light so it looks amazing. (I bet the Solomon Islands will be even better) For the first 3 days we stayed at a luxury resort by the sea. I wouldn't call it luxury but it is pretty nice, the weather is great, our 'bure' is ok with a sea view but it could do with a facelift. The whole resort is right on a coral cove, which is nice but the beach is rather sharp. I enjoyed walking in the lovely warm south pacific looking at fishes, starfishes and sea cucumbers among other things.

The resort is a bit too family orientated for our liking with a kids club etc, but there are plenty of activities. The pool is really nice, I've spent hours swimming and playing water volley-ball. I'm now burnt as a result sadly. (oops) I was led to believe it would be slightly more luxurious and not as full of children, the place is really nice but it is perhaps a bit expensive for what it is. We're not really doing much, just relaxing as we had a hectic time in Bangkok and Sydney, the relaxation is nice. One good thing about this place is the food, the breakfast is good and last night we had an amazing meal.

In a couple of days we finally head to the Solomon Islands, albeit, yet another nice hotel for a few days before flying on to our island. Scary stuff....


Anonymous said...

*so jealous*

meanwhile in the shitty uk there is little of interest to note!

are you going to be able to blog in the solomon islands??

Fiji sounds very cool, have you drank Kava yet? My bro bought some back when he went, needless to say it was a strange experience!

Oh and are there massive spiders (though apparently non-poisonous!)


PhD scientist said...

Hmmm. I was going to say the touch of control-freakery about the driving indicates definite surgical tendencies, LM... but then I remembered that Mrs PhD (hospital medic) will never let me drive her unless she is borderline unconscious. Perhaps it's just a doctor thing.

Be nice to the couples with the kids. I know it seems impossible now, but in ten years (or even less) that could be you...

Cal said...

Oh I am so jealous! You know what?? It's pissing it down here in England! But you already knew that, didn't you?!!


And, by the by, are you actually gonna do any medicine at all on your elective?