Thursday, 5 July 2007

A little bit of everything...all rolled into one!

Back from short trip to Dublin which was very welcome indeed. It rained lots...and lots...and again some more but other than that it was great! Plenty of Guinness was drunk, although not by me since I don't like it.

July is rapidly becoming the most hectic month ever, elective departure is just 26 days away with preparations for that in full swing. In the midst of all that i've a presentation to prepare and do, my research project to finish, a flat to move out of...arghhh where will it stop.

Exam results are out on Friday, whoop. Could be interesting. (I wonder if they'll surprise us too by telling us our academic rankings, I do hope so!)

My research project is apparently good and nearing completion however the database has been changed as a couple of mistakes were found which renders most of my statistics out of date. grrr. At least now I know what i'm doing it'll only take me 10 minutes to sort it out.

Off to Devon this weekend for more holiday goodness.

Also, only 16 days to Harry Potter book 7. Like cal I'm also uberly excited as is missbliss, wooooooo!!!! How exciting so I'll have that to read that amongst all the July craziness.


Ms-Ellisa said...

Little Medic- is that title from "Bitch"???????????

the little medic said...

10 points to ms ellisa for guessing the song.

Ms-Ellisa said...

Yay for me... :-) Now the Hall shall be decorated in the colors of my house aka I`d say light blue as my favorite goal keeper`s shirt- since I can`t just say Gryffindor or sth

Cal said...

I still need to go to Dublin one day. Once I found a flight there for 34p (yes, thirty four pence!) but then airport taxes and fuel supplements buffed the price up to £60.34.

And so I didn't go.

And... HARRY POTTER!! Wheeeeeeeeeee!