Sunday, 22 July 2007

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows


And so, in a day (yesterday) that began with me composing a parody of part of the London Underground song by Amateur Transplants (I'm sure most of you will have heard it)

Where the fuck's my fucking book?

Royal Mail...
Royal Mail...
They're all lazy fucking useless cunts

It got to 10 00am and my Amazon pre-order of 2 copies of the Deathly Hallows had not arrived. Both me and missbliss we're getting fidgety, we wanted our books dammit! We decided to take a short trip to Asda to buy 2 copies at £5 each. At last we had our copies.

We got home and began to read, we read some more. We stopped for a crisp break, then we read more, it was sort of a race between the two of us but I got fed up of reading fast everytime I fell behind. A brief lunch break interrupted the flow, I decided to check the post to see if royal mail had got their act together and was surprised to find one of those notes which are left when you're not in and the package won't fit through the door. This was apparently delivered at 11:00am, hmm, they could have at least rung the god dam bell surely? We were in all the time! Now this is either another 2 copies of Harry Potter (which I'll be sending back to Amazon) or a replacement mosquito net. If its not Harry Potter then royal mail are even worse than I thought!

Anyway, I'm so glad we went to Asda and after a day reading we finished the book at about 9PM last night. I thought it was amazing, although I want to know more about what happens next (another book please JKR), missbliss thought it was 'all right'.

But that is very probably the end of a very long journey, quite sad really.


skinnyminny8 said...

Yes.. I still have questions!! I read online :s but supposed to be studying.. am delaying buying a real copy till exams are over when I can reread them all !!

(boy I'm sad!)

HospitalPhoenix said...

Yeah, there were a few missing details weren't there? I was looking forward to findng out what Dudley saw during his dementor attack but we didn't find out.

Like you, I have 2 copies due to impatience! I knew someone was getting me one, but since I knew I wouldn't be getting it for a few days, I ordered one on Amazon which arrived at 10am yesterday.

I wanted to read the whole thing yesterday but I also wanted to read it without rushing, so I spent nearly the whole of yesterday and this morning reading it.

And I won't say any more because the slightest comment could be a spoiler...!

Elaine said...

AAARGH, I too was complaining about Amazon/Royal Mail as I didn't receive my copy yesterday. Then my sister called today to take me to a family get-together, amd there just outside my flat door was a parcel from Amazon. On opening it, it was indeed the latest Harry Potter. Bet I won't beat the rest of my family reading it!

dr_dyb said...

Hmm i need ti get round to getting a copy. my revision strategy involves incentives - when I have done X I get to read 50 pages etc - thus the book is in 12 sections and i can do 12 topics whilst reading it!

If you want to sell one of your extra copies for £5 :)