Friday, 23 March 2007

A Week In The Life Of Me

Gynaecology Update - Been on delivery suite this week, not seen a great deal due to being male and less than enthusiastic about gynae in general. Made the most of the time to start OSCE revision. Two weeks left and I can't wait till its over with (except for the whole exam thing at the end! - shit)

Laptop Update - Finally after weeks of waiting and 'communicating' with technical support, they've decided to replace the laptop (3 years later than they should have.) Why they couldn't have just said that 6 weeks ago is beyond me. Now we just have to wait for the vouchers before we can go and get a new one. Something tells me we've not heard the last of this so watch this space.

Roller Disco - This week saw me don some skates and take to the floor... unfortunately I'm shit and can barely stand up let alone skate around a dance floor. In the drunken shenanigans I managed to crash into my girlfriend twice [although completely by accident, whatever she might say] bringing her crashing to the floor and injuring her coccyx. Honestly what was I supposed to do?

Girlfriend Talking In Her Sleep - Perhaps its related to her coccygeal injury... who knows. Each night she usually falls asleep before me and when I come to roll over she sits upright and proceeds to either a) declare her undying love for me b) tell me to "shut up, shut up, SHUT UP and SIT DOWN!" (wtf?!?) or c) talks complete gobledeegook for a couple of minutes. She never remembers it either, but I love her all the same because she's great.

Food, Glorious Food - The girlfriend has spent much of the week making oodles of yummy cakes/biscuits/other tasty foodstuffs which has resulted in me gaining about a stone in weight. But its all so yummy...what can I do? *polishes off the last of the vanilla shortbread with extra sugar*

Psychosexual Lecture - The most anticipated lecture of the entire medical degree (for some at least.) Two hours of all you need to know about sex and patients, this involved games such as thinking of as many words as possible for vagina and penis (snigger) and me role-playing as a 50 year old man with erectile dysfunction. It was interesting and quite useful, although I'm not sure I feel any more prepared in asking 60year old ladies if they are sexually active.

The Budget - Wine up 5p a bottle, shit!

Money - I've got none... ideas on a post card please.

So, that about sums up my week, watch this space for more gynaecological fun, sleep talking girls and tasty food.


Anonymous said...

Sleeptalking and taking up baking? She must be pregnant. I recommend a urinary beta-hCG and a course of folic acid.

Anonymous said...

just out of curiosity, why do dundee med student and disheartened doctor have (mia) after their names?

Cal said...

Haha, funny post! But I too, wonder, what mia means. Missing in Action? If so, what is the significance of that?

I used to talk in my sleep a lot, when I was revising for exams. Apparently I would just randomly regurgitate a few sentences every now and again... weird.

the little medic said...

(mia) did stand for missing in action but I'd not updated it since I first made my blog. Have got rid of it now since they both appear to be posting.

Anonymous said...

Normally (mia) is similar to (ana) if you're referring to websites. but since that doesn't apply to the two in question i wondered too. glad you've removed it

missbliss said...

Well I'd really rather you fall over on your own than drag me down with you.

Ahh, what a kind caring girlfriend I am.

Harry said...

haha well be glad she wasnt singing?? Nice post, sorry about the wine - apparently it's in line with inflation...I only wish I could understand the concept of inflation?!

DundeeMedStudent said...

heh, I always meant to say I'm missing any more, but thought it was funny.

medstudentitis said...

your roller skating experience sounds much like the ice skating experience I had with my boyfriend two weekends ago. What is it with men dragging down their girlfriends when they can't skate?

Cathy said...

You are too funny! I found my way here from The Angry Medic. I'm going to link to you, so I can find my way back.